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A Search Engine Optimisation – ‘Case Study’

Every Search Engine Optimisation client is different. Companies have different budgets, different keywords, different website platforms and different priorities!

Rather than bombarding our website readers with a long list of everything we can do, instead, we thought it would be much more interesting and useful to provide you with a series of real-life SEO case studies. So here goes…

SEO case study 1

SEO Case Study 1

Business Facts (to paint the picture)….

  • Business Type: SME – Distributor
  • Approximate Turnover: 1.5 million
  • Sectors: General Process, Hygienic, Pharma, Food & Bev, Water & Wasetwater
  • Products: Valves, Actuators, Instrumentation

Company objectives:

  • To rank on page one of Google for the key brands that they represent (8 brands).
  • To be findable on Google for key products and services.
  • To increase website-generated enquiries by 30%.

KW Digital SEO Services:

  • Set-up SEO activities to allow initial benchmark measurements to be taken, including:
  • Setting up and linking Google Analytics & Google Web Master Tools.
  • Running vital health checks to identify any problems with crawlability and indexing by the major search engines.
  • Fixing website errors to ensure website is in good health.
  • Conducting initial keyword research to identify target keywords, including a varied mix of long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.
  • Complete on-page optimisation of existing website, including some structural changes to website to ensure it is ‘search-engine friendly’.
  • Development of 6-month content plan based on keyword research to ensure website is updated regularly with content that is relevant and is associated with ‘high-traffic’.

Results (after 6 months)

  • The website ranks on page 1 of Google for all key brands (on some occasions above the brands themselves!)
  • The company receives approximately 20 enquiries per day – 80% of these enquiries are deemed relevant and are quoted for by the sales team.
  • Google robots crawl the website on average 250 times/day.
  • The website has approx. 49,000 search impressions each month and 4000 visitors.
  • Completion of website enquiry forms has increased by 50%.

At KW Digital, we really do match our SEO packages to our clients requirements. That is why it is impossible for us to simply list our prices – it really does depend on what the client is trying to achieve. For this sort of package we would charge around £1500 for all the set-up SEO activities, such as setting-up & configuring Google Web Master Tools and running all the important health checks. We would then charge around £500/month for on-going search engine optimisation.

The very most single important thing we do is give the client the means to measure ROI. For this client the ROI is around 500%.



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