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Why choose KW Digital for your Digital Marketing?

Here at KW Digital, we take a very specific approach to our service offering. We don’t really offer anything “off the shelf” and we rarely quote ‘like for like’. Instead, we invest time and effort in understanding our client’s situation and their objectives – and we mean thoroughly understanding them.

What is their market positioning? What are their growth prospects? Who are their stakeholders? What are their strengths and what are their weaknesses?

We then develop a package of services which suits our client’s needs exactly. This can often mean standing out from the crowd and it can mean introducing new concepts that our client has not heard of before. However, it does not mean we are more expensive and it certainly does not mean “hard selling”. We give our clients a number of routes forward to achieve their objectives and we explain the value of each route in detail.

Digital marketing strategy

A customer testimonial

We are currently working with OEI Ltd on the development of their Digital Marketing strategy, which includes a brand new, SEO-optimised website and digital literature.


When we asked OEI why they chose to work with KW Digital, this is what they said…

“KW Digital easily stood out from the crowd; their flexible packages meant that we were able to get the very best deal for our company. They have 20 years of experience working within our industry, which meant that we could rely on them to guide us in the right direction and help us to achieve a very effective and to – the – point marketing strategy.”

Why did this make us so happy?

  • Because our 20 years of engineering experience counted – and we really think it should count!
  • Because our flexible approach appealed to them, which means we explained our different packages well.
  • Because they trusted our experience and expertise at the outset, which means we were clear, concise and transparent.



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