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SEO for Industrial Companies – a Blog worth reading!

I recently read a blog about SEO for Industrial Companies, which I really recommend you read. It was nice and simple and didn’t introduce anything ground-breaking, but it did make sense and it did get me thinking about how SEO has evolved over the years.

The blog has an industrial focus, which is helpful to our readers – whom all operate within the Engineering and Manufacturing sector. It also demystifies SEO a little, making it more about content and less about techniques.

Read the blog in full here.

Here is what I have taken from the blog…

1. The importance of a planned Keyword Strategy.

Old way of using keywords: stuffing a piece of content with the same keyword several times.

New way of using keywords: Select your top 50 keywords and then use this keyword over and over again in different variants. This is called using a Keyword ‘semantically’.

How do I do it?

Decide on a keyword you would like to target e.g. ‘VSD Compressor’. Then think of several blog titles all covering different things regarding VSD Compressors…

  • Advantages of VSD Compressors
  • How do VSD Compressors work?
  • VSD Compressors specifically for water applications
  • Etc.

2. Content marketing has become SEO!

SEO is less about gimmicky techniques and is more about good quality, varied, interesting and opinionated content creation.

Old way of doing SEO: Get as many back-links as possible (don’t care where from), stick as many keywords in your meta-data as you can (it doesn’t matter how well it reads) and use the same anchor-text hyper-links over and over again (ignore whether they hyperlink is relevant to the user).

New way of doing SEO: Build up a personality, generate discussion, use your keywords naturally and your content will build up authority and start to rank without you even knowing.

3. Content first, Social media second…

I have highlighted this point as it is something that comes up in nearly every social media discussion we have with clients…who simply don’t have time to do social media. Once you have planned your content strategy, and written the content, social media activity naturally follows. If your blogs are scheduled for the week, your social media posts can be scheduled also. Easy.

Have a read of the article and let us know what you think!



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