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Why Choose KW Digital for your Search Engine Optimisation?

Is SEO important to you?

SEO is essential for companies who view the internet as a viable source of leads and enquiries. If you want internet users to find you online, then you need to be carrying out SEO on your website on an on-going basis.

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We are experts in SEO for the engineering & manufacturing sector.

Despite all the Google updates and SEO changes over the years, we have always had the winning formula. There are no smoke and mirrors, no secret tricks and certainly no black-hat’ techniques. Put simply, we understand your audience, we understand your product and we work hard with your budget to deliver real leads and enquiries -This is the currency we work in.

Why pick KW Digital?

There are many SEO companies out there, so why pick us?

  • We all have an engineering background, so we understand what users are likely to search for when looking for technical product.
  • We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers and can provide you with case studies and testimonials.
  • We have Process Industry Forum – our content marketing platform that receives over 60,000 hits per month and can provide you with instant page 1 google rankings for your keywords.

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How we work with our clients…

Whether you are looking to outsource your SEO, conduct all your SEO in-house, or do a hybrid of the two, KW Digital can deliver the support – and the results. We are transparent in our approach and we will happily explain all the techniques we use to get your content to page 1. We won’t blind you with SEO jargon and we won’t tie you in to any contract.

[tabgroup] [tab title=”Option 1: Outsource your SEO to KW Digital” id=”t1″]
  • Develop SEO research & conduct keyword research
  • Conduct monthly on-page and off-page SEO activities
  • Monthly performance reporting and ROI analysis
[/tab] [tab title=”Option 2: Conduct your SEO In-House” id=”t2″]
  • Thorough SEO Audit on your existing website
  • Perform technical SEO activities to get you set-up
  • In-house training to equip staff to conduct SEO themselves
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To find out more about how we can help with your Search Engine Optimisation, contact us today. Alternatively, learn more about our range of SEO services here.

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