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How to write an effective digital marketing strategy

When developing a digital marketing strategy, Process Industry marketers would be well advised to bear in mind that strategies are built on structure, people, and great ideas. Profits and ROI are merely the outcomes of thorough preparation, so here’s our guide to creating the ultimate digital marketing strategy with KW Digital.

Marketing strategies

Research and goal setting

“First you have to define what you’re hoping to achieve for your brand, product, or service,” says digital guru, Macala Wright, on Mashable.

It’s the obvious starting point to assess your brand’s own specific digital aims and objectives, aligned to your wider business strategy. Make your targets specific, time-bound and realistic.

You will also want to benchmark where you’re digital clout currently stands. Drill down to measure your business’ overall sphere of influence and how much resonance your messaging is having with your audience. It’s a good idea to research the digital activities of your closest competitors too, to see how they’re generating meaningful customer engagement.

Marketing trends and competitor research

We’d also advocate researching your audience closely and breaking them down into market segments. Once you have a clearer image of your target customer, their habits and motivational triggers, you can be much better armed to deliver compelling content that will directly appeal to them.

KW Digital’ Marketing Strategies & Tactical Plans include a thorough audit of all your online and offline marketing activities to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also help you to understand, define and develop your target audiences to leverage a competitive advantage and effectively communicate your brand values.

Messaging and platforms

Having strategised your business’ unique goals, and gained a greater understanding of your audience, you’ll be well placed to begin tailoring your messaging. What is your company’s story? How will it chime with your target customers? And ultimately, how will your compelling yarn provoke them to buy into your product or service?

To drive traffic to your website, hone credibility and encourage sales, it’s vital to ensure that your content is timely, personable, topical, informative, and eye-catching (among other things). If your customers can identify with and trust your brand values then that’s half the battle to getting them over the line.

Digital marketing strategy

“It’s important to consider your audience, both in terms of age, geographic location, and lifestyle,” adds Wright. “As your target consumer base varies, technologies and social networks you utilize to reach them will vary, too.” In other words, Pay Per Click advertising is likely to be rendered pointless if your key audience demographic is known to prefer a more organic approach like a branded blog.

KW Digital can optimise your content for your chosen keywords, as well as enhance and refresh your content and turn your successes into compelling marketing assets. We can also manage your social media channels to engage a captive audience of relevant industry stakeholders.

Measuring results

If you’ve researched thoroughly, and executed your content plan effectively, it will all be in vain if you fail to evaluate whether your actions are hitting the targets set at the outset. Remember that your digital marketing strategy is a constantly evolving doctrine. Revisit, tweak and strengthen every stage of the process to achieve the greatest results.

Use the insights gained from measuring your results against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and plough those back into adjusting your content and approaches accordingly.

KW Digital develops tactical plans that give you clear focus and direction on how to achieve specific objectives and deliverables, illustrating a clear path of exactly how and when marketing activities will be completed.



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