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Top 5 Digital Marketing predictions for 2015

Figures released by technology research gurus, Gartner, have revealed that more than half of all the companies they surveyed were planning to boost their Digital Marketing budget this year. But what on-trend areas might they spend their attention, and money, on? Read on for KW Digital‘ top 5 Digital Marketing predictions for 2015.

Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spending report revealed that 51 percent of the companies they spoke to were planning to raise their digital marketing budgets by as much as 17 percent. But which emerging areas are likely to dent their marketing coffers the most? KW Digital Director, and Digital Marketing expert, Rachel Wilson, shares her predictions.

Digital Marketing Predictions 2015

Digital Marketing will become more personalised


“If marketers want their customers to engage and interact with their content then they need to provide something that’s engaging and interactive in return,” said Rachel. “Market segmentation, and trying to reach broad sectors of society, is a dying practice in this age of highly personalised digital experiences.”

“Audiences demand more; they want content that’s relevant to them and their personal needs. If Digital Marketers can get into the mindset of their customer, they’ll score highly in terms of customer satisfaction, their customers will linger on their website longer and, ultimately, you’d like to think that they’ll reap the rewards with increased sales.

This will be the year when marketers realise that there is an all-important ‘I’ in internet, Rachel added.

Marketing channels will become even more connected

“As more and more marketing budget gets set aside for Digital Marketing, I predict that 2015 will be the year that Digital comes into it’s own and shakes off the image of being seen as something altogether separate to offline marketing,” said Rachel.

“I think the distinction between the two has become more and more blurred anyway and that we’re now entering an age when we automatically think of Digital Marketing as part of the whole marketing mix. Marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to stay connected with their customers, on a sustained basis, both in a digital and traditional direct format.

It’s up to us to grasp the nettle and make the most of this brave new world,” she added.

More spending on online ads

“We spend such a huge amount of our time now surfing the web. For work, for news, shopping and entertainment. That represents a huge active audience to engage with. Online advertising gives marketers a brilliant chance to target and track their advertising impact far beyond what you’d expect from printed advertisements.

“Some figures have suggested that online advertising could rise by as much as ten percent next year and, with the growing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile advertising could account for a third of the coming year’s search engine advertising spend.

“It already accounts for £1 billion worth of the £6 billion UK marketers spend on this kind of advertising at the moment. So it’s going to be more important than ever to have a clear understanding of tools like Google AdWords and Pay Per Click,” Rachel added.

Content will become more important than ever

“At the risk of sounding like a broken record, content is king and it isn’t about to abdicate from the throne any time soon. We’ve talked extensively on this issue over the last year and have advocated the power of high quality content to all our clients. We’re more convinced than ever that sharp content, that’s useful to your reader, is the best possible route towards securing high ranking SEO results and creating a meaningful customer experience.

“Google’s algorithms already penalise websites for ‘thin’ content that’s less than 200 words long, duplicate content, plagiarism and the like. Long copy and original, engaging, useful content will reward companies in the search engine stakes and with greater customer satisfaction. So why wouldn’t you make the effort to keep on top of your content strategy?

“If your content has slipped down your priority list of late then I’d highly recommend making your first New Year’s resolution to push it right back to the top of your agenda,” Rachel added.

Marketing analytics will finally demonstrate ROI

“For as long as I can remember, measuring Digital Marketing – especially social media work – has been a bit vague in terms of demonstrating some sort of tangible ROI. But there are a growing number of analytics tools available now and it looks as though companies will plough even more money into these marketing insights in 2015.

“With all these insightful tools at the the hands of marketers it looks likely that we’ll have far more data at our hands to inform where to focus our Digital Marketing efforts and what impact they’ve actually had on the bottom line.

“This new dawn could mean that quantitative data, for Digital Marketing practices, could finally catch up with the qualitative evidence that has never quite hit the mark,” Rachel concluded.

For more information about measuring your Digital Marketing ROI, read this useful article.

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