Tactics to grow your Facebook audience

Tactics to grow your Facebook audience

It’s easier than ever to connect with more of the people who matter to you by promoting your business Page on Facebook. All it takes now is a few clicks, so here KW Digital talks you through the basics.

Ok, so ordinarily when Facebook introduces wholesale changes to the world’s best-loved social media platform there’s a plethora of complaints from marketeers who’ve only just gotten to grips with their previous rafts of updates.

But we think Facebook’s new method of promoting business pages is actually rather good. You see, promoting your page has never been easier. It really is as simple as clicking a button, which then prompts Facebook to automatically pull together your text, and one of your images, to instantly create a polished looking advert.

There is, of course, slightly more to it. You also need to decide who you want to reach, and how much you’re willing to spend for the privilege. But that’s it in a nutshell.

Here’s our handy three point guide to help you to promote your Page.

Step 1: Create an advert

Go to your Facebook Page and on the left-hand side you’ll see the ‘Promote Page’ button. The really clever thing about this is that, when you’ve click on it, an advert will be automatically created from images and copy on your Page. To change the images, or text, you just have to tweak them on your Page. You can check how your advert will look on Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed and the Right Column by clicking into the ‘Advert Preview’ section.

Step 2: Choose your audience

You can specify the location, age, gender and interests of the people you’d like to reach. Facebook will Initially populate the ‘Interests’ field for you, based on the interests they think make sense for your customers. But we’d recommend that you type any additional interests, or remove any non-applicable interests, into the box. If you’d like to apply more advanced targeting options, you can try using the ‘Ads Create’ tool to promote your Page

Step 3: Choose your budget

The budget you enter is a daily budget and you can choose to promote your Page continuously or set an end date for the promotion. You’ll only be charged when your advert is displayed on Facebook, so your entire budget may not always be spent. Once again, more sophisticated bidding and budgeting options are available using the adverts create tool to promote your Page.

KW Digital Director, and Digital Marketing expert, Rachel Wilson said:

“Facebook have completely changed the game in terms of how you promote your business’ Page. By streamlining the process, and making it far more user friendly, it’s now become even simpler to get your product or service in front of the right people at a price that suits your budget. Of course, at KW Digital we realise that Facebook advertising – and social media marketing in general – can still seem like a lot of hard work to set up and maintain. We can step in and give you all the guidance you need to leverage your social media channels to deliver results to your business.”

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