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3 failsafe digital channels to advertise your business

With so many digital advertising channels at your disposal now, how do you narrow down the choice to find the best option for you and your business? KW Digital looks at three failsafe methods worth exploring.

So many advertising platforms, so little time…and money! Yes, online advertising can be a baffling, time-consuming and costly pursuit. Knowing where to start is often the biggest stumbling block. Doing it right once you’ve chosen is another challenge altogether. Luckily, KW Digital can help with both.

Try these three failsafe advertising methods for starters, each of which are specialist areas of expertise for KW Digital that we are always more than happy to assist with should you need a helping hand.

Google AdWords

Speaking to Entrepreneur, E2M and MoveoApps co-founder Pratik Dholakiya, said:

AdWords delivers measurable results and is worth the investment. Your ads get viewed right when your target audience is searching for the products/services you are selling. The results are faster than SEO, and you can also set a budget for your campaign, which allows you to control your advertising costs.

At KW Digital, we take an integrated approach to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We make sure your website is designed for optimum conversions and we make sure your on-page SEO works hard to improve your PPC ‘Quality Score’ and reduce your PPC spend. Read this article ‘everything you need to know about PPC advertising‘ for more information.

Social Media

Social media is a top Internet activity and people across age groups are spending a large amount of time on social media,” added Dholakiya. “You’ve a better chance of catching their attention through social media advertising.” KW Digital knows how to connect with, engage with and communicate with key industry stakeholders and we know how to leverage each social media channel to deliver results to your business.


Entrepreneurs who don’t want to tap the power of email as a digital advertising channel are making the mistake of looking at emails in isolation, Dholakiya continued. An email, in the contemporary digital marketing landscape, is a means of fostering brand engagement and strengthening your brand at multiple levels.

KW Digital is adept at creating and distributed targeted direct email marketing campaigns. Our strengths lie in crafting compelling content and then ensuring that your messaging gets in front of the right people.

Whichever digital channel suits your advertising needs, KW Digital can help you to execute the perfect campaign. We are a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. We know which marketing techniques work for engineering companies selling technical products, so naturally we have become experts in these areas and can leverage our knowledge to give you a competitive edge.

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