Digital marketing tips to help bad PR

Reverse bad PR with these 5 digital marketing tips

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it, said Benjamin Franklin.

Never has that statement had more relevance than in our modern digital age, where our every move is catalogued for public consumption and where an untimely error of judgement can severely tarnish a business’ online credibility. Of course, mistakes will and do happen. It’s human nature and hard to avoid. It’s how we deal with them, particularly in the digital sphere, that really sets us apart. By following these handy hints, you can not only regain reputational traction but even bounce back stronger than ever.

Remember that content is king

As we’ve said many times, and will continue to do so, content is king. Google’s algorithms reward sites that demonstrate a commitment to original and engaging content that is useful to readers. One of the most effective ways to generate interest for all the right reasons is by blogging. You might want to supplement your company blog with supportive standalone blogs to share your organisation’s stories. There are plenty of free blogging platforms to choose from, with WordPress being the market leader.

Think outside the box

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So when an embarrassing image goes viral it’s reputational damage speaks volumes. But it’s worth considering fighting fire with fire. Great imagery, informative videos and even the humble podcast can all be effective means of generating engaging content to steer the conversation back to what your business does best.

Harness the digital press release

One of the quickest and most reliable methods of positioning positive publicity is the digital press release. There are various platforms that can place your press releases into the lap of quality media targets. The majority require a subscription fee, like PR Newswire, and as such are normally more likely to garner results. But even some of the free distribution networks can get you noticed on Google.

Freshen up your social life

Search engines give favourable rankings to social media profiles. For that reason, it’s imperative to keep yours fresh with regular, original content. Of course, you’re first port of call will undoubtedly be Twitter and Facebook. However, don’t neglect LinkedIn and Google Plus, as well as content sharing platforms like YouTube and Pinterest.

Ignore the offending article

If you’ve suffered some damaging PR, the temptation is to click on the offending article. Don’t! If you do give in to temptation, all you’re doing is telling Google that this story is relevant. When in actual fact you want to achieve the opposite. The trick is to offset the negative story by using your company networks to share your positive news stories and encourage the search engines to prioritise these newer, more relevant, articles. There is no quick fix to lower negative PR in Google’s rankings. But by being proactive and giving your audience and the search engines, a regular flow of original, high quality content to read instead you’ll no doubt eventually turn the tide of opinion in your company’s favour.

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