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Digital marketing success is rooted in agile planning

As digital marketing techniques develop at a rate of knots, KW Digital asks: are we increasingly trying to fit square pegs in round holes by sticking with traditional planning methods?

The pace of change in digital marketing versus traditional marketing techniques is a bit like comparing a Bugatti Veyron with a horse and cart. It’s rapid. And it can be overwhelming. To avoid being left behind, digital marketers have to be nimble with their strategies and plan for the short-term.

In a recent blog, Kimberly Brandt, from global analytic data experts Teradata, said: “Digital marketers have inherited planning methods from bygone days of planning for non-digital channels (perhaps direct mail). Plans were drafted a year in advance. Digital marketing success requires a different approach: agility.

“Marketing agility focuses on adaptive plans and development, allows for quick changes or improvements, and encourages these quick changes and a snapshot understanding of results. This model allows marketers to adapt to unpredictable consumer behavior. If an agile strategy gives you the shivers, consider just a portion of your strategy.”

She added: “See if you can actually plan to be more adaptive as your target market needs change. Then, slowly show results that will encourage an agile planning strategy that can be rolled out across the marketing organization for all of your upcoming digital marketing initiatives.”

KW Digital can improve your flexibility

The thought of agile planning might seem alien to most of us, which is exactly why enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency, like KW Digital, can help to get your business’ digital marketing strategies off to the best possible start.

KW Digital Director, Rachel Wilson, said: “The Digital Marketing world is such a fast-paced environment, that is constantly evolving. So it is inevitable that our traditional approaches to planning marketing strategies will need to adapt to suit our digital objectives.

“Whilst we appreciate that agile strategies can be a daunting prospect, especially for smaller SMEs that don’t necessarily have a dedicated marketing function at their disposal, KW Digital offers advice and support to make your planning easier to manage.

“Our marketing strategies and tactical plans are for Process Industry organisation’s who are looking for a complete overhaul to their existing approach to marketing. They provide clear focus and direction on how to achieve an ambitious set of marketing objectives,” she added.

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