Tips on writing blogs

Tip: Blog yourself content

At KW Digital we absolutely love fresh, well-written content. Why? Not only does it engage audiences like nothing else but it’s also a massive shot in the arm for your SEO standings and provides great links for you social media messaging.

Think of a blog as a match. A compelling post can spark your reader’s interest in your products and your business as a whole. As much as 80 per cent of daily blog visits are believed to be new visitors, according to reliable sources. So that’s a huge new captive audience potentially awaiting your well-written and informative blogs.

The knock-on benefit is that Google’s search algorithm, Hummingbird, is drawn to original blog content like nectar and the search engine giant favourably rewards fresh content in its rankings. Similarly, aren’t you more compelled to look at a Tweet or a Facebook post if they offer an end-product – a link, a photo, a video – than a plain, written message? Blogs are great material to link through to and give your audience added value to their social experience.

The benefits of writing a regular blog are many and varied. If you want to boost your SEO ranking, reach a wider audience and give your social media messaging extra focus then we heartily recommend diving into the blogosphere!

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