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We all know that social media takes time. Time to build up relationships. Time to hone your messages. Time to keep it ticking. Unfortunately, time is a commodity in short supply. So, short of employing a top notch digital marketing agency (like KW Digital!) to handle your social media for you, these quick cheats could fast-track your social clout.

We love social media here at KW Digital. It’s easy, immediate and mostly free. But there is no quick fix or substitute for a cast-iron social media strategy. Or is there? Because there are now a number of paid opportunities to leverage your social media presence, which you might want to consider if you’re pushed for time but have some budget to bootstrap your social activities.

Social Media Advertising and paid opportunities

Sponsored tweets

Twitter is still pretty unbeatable for meaningful organic engagement. However, the microblogging site has added the sponsored tweet to its arsenal of marketing weapons at your disposal. Promoted Tweets can reach more people who are interested in your business and place your best content in front of the audience that matters to you at the right time.

Promoted Facebook posts

Believe it or not, Facebook is rapidly becoming a pay-to-play platform. Boosting posts is an easy, effective and inexpensive way to achieve more exposure for your content. Posts are boosted directly from your Facebook Page and you can boost a post for as much or as little as you want.

LinkedIn’s premium services

LinkedIn’s Business Plus plan includes advanced search filters, fifteen InMail messages and unlimited searches in your extended network. The Sales Navigator Professional provides a useful lead-builder tool, lead recommendations and real-time insights. Plus, you can try the service free for a month.

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