What is Triberr

Triberr: What is it and how does it work?

What is Triberr?

Triberr is a brand new way to grow your blog’s readership. It is superior to other social media platforms – like Twitter and Facebook – for sharing your blogs because it allows you to connect with like-minded bloggers that are interested in reading and supporting each other. Each individual blog can be discussed by a ‘Tribe’. Tribes are what make up the website and consist of groups of people who discuss a certain blog for a specific topic. So, for example, there could be a blog about chemical engineering that is being discussed by engineers in a ‘Tribe’.

How does Triberr work?

At its core, Triberr is a platform for managing your so-called Tribes. When you find a relevant Tribe, you can begin following that group to keep up to date with their posts and discussions. When you first follow a Tribe, you join the group as an observer. This means that you can see and share blog posts from the group, but they can’t see or share your blog posts – almost like an introduction period. As soon as you follow a Tribe, newly published posts from other Tribe members will start to show up in your tribal stream, which you will then have the option to approve or share. However, sharing posts is not essential. Once you start interacting with the Tribe – through sharing, commenting and engaging with other members – the admin (or ‘Chief’) of that page will allow you to become a full member. When that happens you can then start posting in the Tribe for other members to share and comment on your blog.

Is it worth it?

The obvious question will be, is it worth it? Here at KW Digital, we think it could well be a useful tool in the long-term. On Triberr you have people who are purely there to discuss and share blogs. Whereas on your other social media channels there is a guarantee that your followers are necessarily interested in your blogs or blogging as a whole. With Triberr you know that you are going to receive interaction for your blog posts because your fellow tribe members are there to read and comment on your blogs. With other social media channels, your blogs can sometimes get lost in translation because there is so much information being posted and shared. As Triberr is only there for blog sharing you can be sure that it won’t get lost in the sea of noise. If anyone does happen to share your blog, we would certainly recommend that you thank them and ask them to give you their comments on how you might improve it. That’s just good tribal manners! For more information triberr.com.



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