Photo sharing social media platforms

Tip: Get the picture

In case you hadn’t noticed, photo sharing social media platforms – like Instagram – have rocketed in popularity over the last few years. In the interests of reaching out to your customers, and engaging them on their terms, isn’t it time you got the picture?

Not another social media channel to worry about we hear you cry! Well, yes. Sorry. You know the old saying about photos being worth a thousand words? Well, with 300 million worldwide users posting, rating and commenting on photos posted on Instagram (according to figures from Statista) this is one of the premium channels to reach out to your audience – especially those all-important millennials.

We are but visual creatures after all. So sharing your brand’s story through photos is a great way to get customer buy in and make them feel valued. Pop stars, like Rihanna, are brilliant exponents of Instagram self-promotion. Just check out RiRi’s follower numbers for proof. It’s the added value, the behind-the-scenes, intimacy that photo sharing brings that makes it such a powerful tool.

The added wow-factor of heightening your photographic snapshots with one of Instagram’s arty filters shouldn’t be underestimated either. Researchers at Yahoo and Georgia Tech University published a recent study that analyses how filters impact engagement on Instagram’s photo-sharing rival site, Flickr. Filtered photos are 21 per cent more likely to be viewed than non-filtered photos and 45 per cent more likely to be commented on, according to their findings.

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