Why is evergreen content used

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is still interesting and relevant for months after its initial published date. It won’t become old like some news stories do; it can often deliver value in terms of traffic, leads, and social shares and can control valuable search positions for a prolonged period of time.

As a result, it will send traffic and leads to your site over a longer period of time. The idea behind evergreen stories is that they’re always fresh and unique. If a digital marketing blog regulary runs content on effective digital marketing tools, the content can be considered ‘evergreen’.

In a digital marketing blog you might see a story about marketing tools anytime of the year because as an evergreen topic it’s of as much interest to readers in say November as it is in July. Readers of a digital marketing blog are always looking for good new marketing tools.

Why is it important?

It is important because it’s content which you can share & post over and over again on your social media channels. Just tweeting about a blog post once isn’t going to result in a lot of people clicking on the link, reading and enjoying it. You have to share your content more than once if you want to increase the amount of people who read it and benefit from it. When you’re using Twitter to share your content, you can share the same blog post every couple of days at different times.

Posting a video onto your Facebook page which is still relevant a couple of months later is also good practice too as it reaches more people. Finally, it is also important for your websites SEO. If you host content on your own website that is tagged correctly for SEO, people will come across your content from Google and other search engines multiple times. If the content  is evergreen, it will still be relevant and will drive targeted traffic to you even if you wrote the post months before.

Why should you repost the same content?

  • The first and perhaps most obvious reason to share your content more than once is to drive more traffic that the initial share.
  • Posting the same content multiple times will allow us to reach your followers in different time zones.
  • Many followers will be seeing the content for the first time, so they’ll get value out of it even though it’s old content.

Check out this Infographic from TechWyse looking at the The How, What, and Why of Evergreen Content.



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