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Digital marketing needs to appeal to the passive masses

Digital marketing needs to appeal to the passive masses, not just engaged audiences, to be truly effective. That’s the gospel according to one digital commentator recently, as KW Digital explains.

In a recent online column for The Guardian, Jerry Daykin, a Global Digital Director at Carat, gave an interesting new perspective on current digital marketing trends. The thrust of his argument was that marketers need to reposition their efforts to reach not just the the engaged digital audience but the huge number of passive consumers who are aren’t necessarily clicking…yet.

“Brand marketers need a new perspective on digital marketing,” says Daykin. “They need to understand that ultimately the key decider of their campaign’s success is what it looks like to the 99% of people who won’t click on it. Many seemingly well planned marketing activations can fall at this hurdle.

Are your best pieces of content (and biggest investments) several clicks away from a consumer’s newsfeed? Does all your messaging spend more time begging people to come and do something, rather than actually communicating about your product?

He adds: “Does it end up making your brand look big and successful, or actually a little bit needy? Photo competitions and interactive 3D websites can sound fantastic on paper, but if your largely passive consumer isn’t ever going to them, it’s a wasted effort.”

Rachel Wilson, Managing Director at KW Digital, sees the value in making digital marketing campaigns more accessible to a mass audience. “What we are taking about here is enabling customers to engage with a brand without being asked to jumped through the hoops to do so,” says Rachel. “Marketers have become obsessed with going after re-tweets, shares and likes but if is only ever a small percentage of active users who are willing to interact in this way then can that really be considered a success?

“In some respects this idea encourages us all to take a step back and evaluate our digital marketing activities. If we are not adding value to the customer, why should they engage with us? In many respects, it is easy to go after the ‘safe bet’ audiences that are within our comfort zone but the best digital marketing steps outside those boundaries and reaches new customers who may never have heard of our products or solutions before but are now bought in to the brand. Even if they don’t shout about it!” she adds.

Daykin concludes: “The key thing for brand marketers is that they need to spend their money proportionally and invest primarily behind the parts that millions will see, not just the active engagers. If we fail to do this, digital marketing will never truly impact past the core 1% and will be an increasing sink hole for marketers as they try to increase budgets in this area.”

Read Jay Daykin’s article for The Guardian in full here.

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