Intriguing digital marketing statistics

10 intriguing digital marketing statistics

Adweek revealed some intriguing digital marketing statistics recently that we thought were worth sharing with you. Read how IBM, Nike, the Yellow Pages and much maligned FIFA all boosted their digital reputations, while Reddit got panned amidst a HR storm. Plus, find out more about Millennials’ truth-bending shopping tactics. The FIFA Women’s World Cup was a triumph for many different reasons. Not only did it give the women’s game a huge boost in profile – with the USA’s triumph in the final attracting 25.4 million viewers Stateside to tune in (the largest American viewership ever for a football match) – it also brought FIFA some much-needed positive publicity. They weren’t the only ones benefitting from a digital charm offensive but, in the case of Reddit, a digital offensive of another kind was proving damaging.

10 surprising ways companies boosted their digital marketing reputations

1. More than 203,000 angry Reddit users signed a petition to force CEO Ellen Pao to quit, amid the storm that followed the sacking of the website’s popular director of talent: Victoria Taylor.

2. Nike’s sponsorship of the U.S. Women’s National Team led to it being 121 per cent more associated with the Women’s World Cup than official tournament sponsor, Adidas.

3. According to Twitter, FIFA gained 9 billion tweet-based impressions around the FIFA Women’s World Cup – a rare slice of positivity in what has otherwise been a torrid time for football’s overarching governing body.

4. Underlining why Girl Power rules yet further, FIFA’s official YouTube channel drew 28 million views during the women’s competition – far outshining the 19 million views a year ago for the men’s FIFA World Cup.

5. IBM achieved 120 million digital impressions and generated 141,000 clicks to campaign content thanks to their employees sharing content on their behalf.

6. Brilliantly, 26 per cent of Millennials fake birthdays to get better deals online, according to data from Shop+, who quizzed 1,000 18- to 34-year-olds.

7. Shop+ also found that the savvy young folk of today are far more likely (36%) to share an Amazon Prime account than the average across all adults (24%).

8. The Yellow Pages is slowly but surely reclaiming some of its search status in America by claiming a 7.2 per cent stake in the mobile-search market. It still has some way to go to catch up with Google (46%), Bing (11.3%), and Twitter and Yahoo (17.8%) but it’s still an impressive readjustment from analogue to digital.

9. Hot on the heels of America’s Supreme Court ruling that gave same sex marriage full equality, Facebook reported that 26 million supporters changed their profile picture to the social platform’s rainbow filter.

10. Fifty per cent of fathers apparently feel that adverts rarely target them. That’s according to a Yahoo survey of 620 dads who were clearly oblivious to all the ‘dadvertising’ surrounding Father’s Day.

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