Common digital marketing mistakes

5 common digital marketing mistakes

According to research from Profoundry, a whopping 65 per cent of startups have never considered or had formal digital marketing training but only 8 per cent outsource their marketing to an agency. This got us thinking: what other mistakes do startups, and even well-established businesses, make when it comes to digital marketing?

There is no escaping the fact that digital marketing is becoming increasingly important if a business wants to thrive or even keep up with competitors. A casual glance at the chatter amongst the marketing community will tell you that the digital ecosystem is where many are looking to invest their precious marketing budget pennies.
But among startups, and even many established businesses, the value of digital marketing is far less keenly appreciated. So much so that some DIY digital marketers fall foul of these following five common mistakes.

1. Make sure you measure your marketing

“Even if a brand is working with a marketing agency, key stakeholders must be aware and take ownership of critical data points,” writes Brent Gleeson for Forbes. “If you don’t have the time then you should find someone who does. Hire a consultant to run audits every month and help weed out unqualified work. This will save you a lot of money in the long run,” he adds.

2. Talking non-stop about your product

“Of course, you need to inform your clients and prospects about your products and discuss new developments but your content needs to do more than that,” suggest Digital Doughnut. “Content marketing works for B2Bs when you provide valuable, relevant information that meets the needs of your market. That doesn’t mean finding 10 ways to list the benefits of your product for a variety of situations”

3. Self-centred social media

“Too many businesses forget the social component of social media,” say Digital Current. “They post items to their networks, but they don’t interact with customers or industry thought leaders online. The most successful social marketers know that the social-media sphere is a generous and interconnected place. When you’re generous about promoting other people’s content, congratulating them on their successes, or sharing their scheduled events, others will do the same for your business,” they add.

4. Don’t work in digital silo

“Just as entire organizations cannot function properly with siloed departments in place, marketing teams cannot succeed if traditional and digital channels remain divided,” Teletech advise. “Thus, these disparate teams act cautiously, disregarding innovation and advanced strategies as neither group wants to run the risk of losing budget to the more effective channel. Break down silos to develop an informed cross-channel strategy,” they add.

5. Don’t expect instant gratification

“As with any marketing effort, the work takes time and results aren’t immediate,” say Business 2 Community. “Instead of focusing on ‘going viral’ or getting 100,000 viewers to your website, redirecting your digital marketing team to establish your authority on search results in your industry and generating viable leads will show dividends in the long run. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you have the right team,” they add.

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