Most common social media mistakes

8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid (Infographic)

Online today there are so many different resources that are out there for social media marketers. There are tons and tons of tips and hints out there that sometimes it might seem to easy too get your social media marketing going.

All of the tips on this list are really easy to understand and apply to many different problems that occur in social media planning that continue to damage social media marketing’s reputation. Here is a list of mistakes that you will need to avoid, to be successful in your social media strategy:

  • Having no social media strategy
  • Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon
  • Paying for fake followers
  • Talking about nothing but the brand
  • Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags
  • Sharing too much in a short amount of time
  • Forgetting to proofread
  • Neglecting the “social” aspect of social media

Take a look at this infographic below from Adweek explaining each of the points in more detail and why you should stick to them.
Infographic link:

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