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3 Top Tips to make your website mobile-friendly

Way back in 2014, lots of different businesses realised that a mobile website was necessary to improve usability for their increasing number of visitors via mobile devices.

Then, in April 2015, Google decided to release an algorithm update that quickly got the name ‘Mobilegeddon’. Not as scary as it sounds – KW Digital have prepared their top 3 tips to ensuring your website is mobile friendly.

Make your site responsive

Making your website responsive is essentially making sure your website is friendly for all mobile devices. This can be achieved by a web developer setting rules that will show code in a different way if the browser is less than a certain width or height.

This means your website visiters won’t have to waste time scrolling or zooming to get the page looking right on a smaller screen, which may result in the traffic bouncing off the website which means lost business.

Mobile digital marketing

Improve your pages speed

This is a new ranking factor that Google is using to decide how popular your website should be to searchers. To address the issues in this area can be a quick way to see improvements in traffic and also improve the user experience. The most common problems with page speed, such as browser caching or compression, can most of the time be fixed with a few lines of code.

Never stop improving

Always remember that work on a website is never ever finished, and this is equally true for mobile versions. Don’t assume that putting in a few lines of code to make your site mobile-friendly is ‘job well done’. You should constantly monitor how your users are interacting with your mobile site and assessing it.

For example, if your mobile visitors show a much higher bounce rate than your desktop visitors, this will indicate that there is something about the user’s mobile experience which is turning them away. If you do notice that all is not well, consider what you can do to make the website better for your mobile visitors.

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