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2016 SEO tips and tricks

There was so much hype in 2015 about different ways to get on top of search engines. While SEO remains to be the top marketing strategy for your company, here at KW Digital we are working round the clock to keep you updated on the new trends. Here we share with you all the important SEO tips and tricks for 2016.

Backlinks are still important

Not as important as they used to be, as there are other ranking criteria now. Get 50 backlinks from 50 different domains and you’re in business. Use PR articles to achieve this over time and use image based links; positioning your links and making them visible will attract more clicks.


High bounce rate means low rankings

Google understands that high bounce rates mean your content just isn’t engaging or you have put it in front of the wrong audience. Easier said than done? We don’t think so. First, have a compelling landing page that will make the user want to read more of what you are offering.

Make their navigation easy within the page, break your content up into small chunks and make it much more readable and have your call to actions visible and relevant.

Long content helps you to rank better

It’s true that the longer your content, the longer your visitor will spend on your page.

Google takes seriously how long your visitor engages with your content, and the only way it can measure this, is by the length of time spent on the page. So do not be afraid of writing 2,000 words and more. But keep it compelling and relevant, as no one wants to read long pieces of drivel.

Focussed content

Forget the fluff and waffle, cover one subject in-depth and make your article as interesting and relevant as possible. This will ensure you are producing tailored content to meet your clients’ specific needs and wants, thus increasing engagement and conversions.

Don’t forget site speed

Google just loves fast loading sites. So to keep your rankings high, reduce the size of those big images, by using those free word press plug-ins. Remember, Google tends to rank fast loading pages higher, which will give you an advantage over your competitors.

KW Digital can look after your SEO

Digital marketing tends to move pretty fast and no one moves as fast as our team here at KW Digital. Speak to us to day to find out how we can boost your online presence using SEO. Call us on 01704 898951 or email



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