Changes to right hand AdWords

Changes to Google’s ads featured in right hand side bar

You may have already seen the reports that Google has taken the decision to remove the AdWords ads that appeared on the right hand side of the search results. This isn’t something that they have taken lightly; we believe they have been testing various different alternatives since 2010.

Google will now only be showing ads at the top and very bottom of the SERP. For more competitive search queries, Google will be increasing the ads from three to four ads per search within the top section. With this being one of the biggest changes that Google has rolled out for some time to paid search, KW Digital takes a look at what this means for digital marketers and paid search customers.

Effects for paid search customers

With paid advertising space decreasing within the SERPs this is going to mean one thing; increased competition for the top spots. This will lead to an increase in cost per click (CPC) for keywords as competition surges for ads that appear in the top spots. On the plus side, click-through rates (CTRs) are also likely to rise due to less ads being visible and distracting to the user.

For retail customers using product listing ads, the changes will not affect the position of the paid ads images, as this will continue with its prominent position on the right hand side of the SERP.

Changes for digital marketers

Digital marketers are going to need to have robust keyword strategies for their clients to ensure they are focussing and bidding for the correct keywords which will convert into a lead/sale. Our KW Digital clients will not need to worry about this aspect. As a business we always ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your products and keywords, ensuring we deliver a solid AdWords strategy.
Keeping up to date with regular reviews of campaigns is going to be imperative to ensuring the ads appear within the top positions and budgets are adjusted accordingly.

With increased ads this will continue to ‘push down’ the organic listings which will certainly be an issue that will need addressing. For businesses this will mean the organic space is even more precious and therefore lead to an even bigger focus on SEO and other online activities like social media to ensure the brand is being driven online.

What’s the KW Digital plan?

KW Digital’ plan in the coming weeks is to continue to monitor our clients’ AdWords accounts and understand the impact of ad position and click through rate (if any). We would expect (knowing Google), that there will be continued updates and development of the right hand side section. We will of course let you know as soon as further information is released.

If you are concerned about anything you have read, or you would like some further advice on your Adwords account, please contact the KW Digital team on 01704 898951.



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