Google Customer Match

Target your E-commerce ads better with new Google Customer Match

First things first, what exactly is Google Customer Match and why is it so important? You see, Google gets so much of our hard-earned money to get us on top of their search engine that they are sort of giving back! Well, not entirely.
Google Customer Match is a product in google that has only been introduced over the last few months. It enables advertisers to upload customer list of email addresses into Adwords. By so doing, you are able to bid and create ads specifically geared to your audiences. The ads are shown to users who are logged in with their email address in either Google, YouTube and Gmail. This will save you lots of money on your AdWords campaign (Not to mention the increased conversions!)

Here is what you need to know before you start;

Collect email addresses

Build your email addresses list from your landing pages, opt-ins, promotional campaigns, sign up forms, networking events, calls to actions etc.

This audience has already shown an interest in your products/services and are more likely to convert than cold traffic.

Keep a record of products the user has bought

By knowing what the user have previously bought, you will be able to tailor your ads to a specific category and direct them to the most relevant landing pages thus reducing the bounce rates.

User trends

A record of the customer’s activities will show customer buying behaviour patterns. You can create emotion based ads for prospective and returning users.

Now that we have that sorted, let’s get down to tactics and get those conversions!


Segment your products to different categories and create different landing pages for each category. By doing so, you are getting your ads in front of the right audience.

Previously converted

Highly suitable for big E-commerce businesses that are aiming to make a second sale to returning customers. Tip: Use a highly targeted ad copy for this group.

Average order value

Use this tactic to target users who spend large amounts of money on your website or in your online shop. Tip: create offers with promotional codes that give discounts for orders exceeding a set amount of money.

Customer Match offers new opportunities to E-commerce businesses that will enable them to target leads and customers without having previously been on your website or even searched for your product. Purely based on their email address that you collected earlier.

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