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Tops tips to consider when writing a website design brief

Are you considering upgrading your existing website? If you are in the process of engaging with a digital agency, one of your first tasks will be to write a website design brief for the project.

If you are unsure where to start, KW Digital has drawn on experiences of working with various clients within B2C and B2B sectors to offer you some suggestions on where to begin.

The following tips have been designed as a guide of what you should consider when compiling your website development brief.

Website Objectives

There are some key questions you should ask yourself when considering your company’s website objectives and answering the questions below will assist with the development of the design brief.

  • What does your business need from a website?
  • What are the online outcomes the website needs to achieve?
  • Are these outcomes measurable?

This section should also give a brief background on the business, which will support and build context when thinking about the objectives of the website.

Online User Journey

You should consider your online audiences and identify key target groups for your online users. You should consider any existing customers and any future customers that you would like to target.
When you have decided on your target customer groups it is important that you consider what each of them will need from your website.

Here is a brief list of questions that you should consider when compiling your website brief:

  • What are the best things about the current user journey and experience?
  • What is the customer feedback on the user’s experiences of the website?
  • How would you improve your customer’s user journey and experience?

Competitor analysis

As part of the website design brief you should consider your business competitors. It is important to include this information so that when the website is at the design phase, consideration is given to the competitive landscape.

It may also be useful at this stage to map out a matrix to show you where your business is against the competition. This will help you decide how you should differentiate yourself online.

You should consider some of the following questions when looking at your main competitors:

  • Who are your online competitors?
  • What is good about their website?
  • What do you dislike about their website?

Other stakeholders

It is important to consider all your company’s stakeholders. We have found that with website projects it is very common that departments will often talk about what has been missed from the website once it is built. In order to produce a solution that is going to make everyone happy, everyone needs to be taken into consideration from the outset.

So before your project begins, consider all the people that may need to use the website.

  • The marketing department
  • Warehouse staff
  • Admin staff
  • Customer service teams
  • Management
  • Accounts

Timescales & Budget

Budget may not be something that you want to add to the website design brief, however having a budget will help your digital agency to provide a realistic proposal for your business. There are many different options with website builds, and having a conversation from the outset of the relationship will ensure that both parties have realistic expectations.

This then leads to one of the final considerations, which is the website deadline. Having an understanding of your business needs when it comes to website launch will ensure that the correct proposal is supplied. Again, there are various options with website builds and it may be that the project can be staged to speed up the launch and also spread out the budget spend.

In our experience, most projects take around three months to complete from initial proposals – they can of course be done quicker depending on timescales.

I hope you have found some of these tips useful and that you use them as a guide when writing your website brief. The team at KW Digital would be more than happy to talk to you about any website developments that you may require and can provide you with a full proposal.

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