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How to Choose PPC Keywords

Venturing into Pay-Per-Click advertising often requires careful consideration into the campaign planning and structuring process in order to be able to benefit from a healthy Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). In order to maintain your account, it is important to regularly review and add to your existing keywords.

However, businesses often find it quite difficult to choose PPC keywords that are both relevant and profitable and have not already been added to the campaign. For this reason, we’ll share with you some tips on how to optimise your existing keywords and explore new profitable keyword opportunities, to help your business reach more customers and allow your PPC efforts to continue to flourish.

Sort through and add to your existing PPC keywords

Start by assessing which keywords have not resulted in many clicks and impressions and therefore have not been very profitable. These keywords can be paused as they are not really benefiting the campaign’s performance.

Next, get into the head of your customers and list down any keywords (long-tail or short-tail) that you think customers might type into Google in order to find products that you offer. Adding these search queries as keywords can help you maximise your potential reach and could even help you uncover hidden gems that your competitors are missing.

Change your keyword match types

If your campaigns have a low impression and therefore are not being seen by enough people, look to add more broad modifier match types to your keywords (rather than phrase or exact match). This will allow your ads to be eligible to receive more impressions.

Alternatively, if your account is receiving too many impressions and not enough clicks, look to change the match types for these keywords from broad to phrase, or even exact match. This will make sure that your ads show to users specifically searching for your keywords, or close variants of these keywords.

Improve the Quality Scores for your keywords

By improving the Quality Scores of keywords, you can hope to benefit from higher ad positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) and a lower cost-per-click. In order to improve the Quality Score of keywords across your account, look to improve factors such as:

Ad relevance – by ensuring ads contain the keyword with a low Quality Score.

Landing page relevance – by ensuring that the ad landing page mentions the keyword with a low Quality Score.

Expected click-through-rate – by ensuring your ad text is closely related to your top keywords.

Make sure you’re only bidding for relevant traffic

In an ideal world, you would only pay for keyword clicks that actually lead to a valuable conversion. In order to ensure that your PPC traffic is highly relevant, consider routinely reviewing your search term reports and add negative keywords into your campaigns to prevent your ads from showing for any irrelevant search queries. By doing this regularly, you will be getting closer to only paying for relevant, valuable clicks.

These are just some of the ways in which KW Digital maintains keywords in our PPC accounts, to ensure that these account continue to improve and remain profitable. We appreciate how time-consuming this can be for process and manufacturing industries and that is why we take care of this maintenance for you. For more information on how we could help you manage and evaluate your PPC campaigns, take a look at our PPC services.

Speak to KW Digital today, to find out more about PPC campaigns, by calling +44 (0) 1704 898951 or email enquiries@kwsltd.co.uk.




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