Digital Marketing Trends

What’s trending in the digital marketing world?

Digital marketing is a field that keeps changing all the time, customers are moving on from one company site to the other in a flash. Brands now more than ever have to keep up with the trends, whilst changing marketing tactics to suit their customers’ needs.

A recent report, done by the Digital Trends Briefing, in association with Econsultancy, explores the key trends, challenges and opportunities that will affect marketers over the coming year. The report which is based on a global survey of 7,000 marketing professionals included topics such as; customer experience, content optimisation, data-driven marketing, mobile and the ability to measure ROI.

Customer experience remains a top priority and is now defining other priorities

Customers are smarter and wiser. With the rate at which online platforms are growing, customers can now voice their opinions about a brand with just a click. When it comes to customer service and customer experience, they know the difference between good and bad and will not hesitate to share their opinion of the brand to the world. With expectations and the stakes so high, there is no place for mistakes.

Marketers’ strategic priorities for 2016 centred on big data

Big Data gets bigger. We have access to so much data in the form of direct feedback from customers as well as analytics we pick up from monitoring trends and buying patterns. The report shows that more than 1 in 3 agencies report difficulties in attracting and keeping analysts. The key is to know what part of big data makes sense to look at and to use in marketing communication integration.

Increased collaboration between creative and marketing will benefit customer experience optimisation

The use of images and videos to spice up content is on the rise. Customers are looking for content that is engaging and shareable. Text-only content is not enough for customers and to beat all the white noise out there, a brand has to be creative in their content creation. Social media for instance has careened in a visual content direction. Snapchat already rivals Facebook’s photo-crazy reach: 65% of Snapchat’s 100 million users reportedly share 350 million photos a day.

Personalisation and content optimisation are the highest priority digital-related areas

Success comes down to having the right content. Consumers will not just read any content; they want personalised content. They want a brand that speaks their language, pin points their needs and offers a solution that is specifically tailored for them. Clare Hill, managing director at the Content Marketing Association (CMA), believes that in 2016 content marketing will be focused specifically on personalisation.

Mobile remains a top-3 priority for more than half of the respondents

Years back, there was talk of mobile being the king. Well, it is the king now and the industry no longer says ‘it’s the year of mobile’ because the channel is now part of consumers lives. It is the device customers are using to look at your website, products, reviews and more. This is an important step in their buying process. Unfortunately, mobile strategies and spend are yet to catch up. Mobile behaviour is personal and users, not brands, drive consumption patterns. So, understanding what people do on mobile devices should be a constant research project for marketers.

As 2016 gets under way, the opportunities for marketers have never been greater and here at KW Digital we are on our toes to keep you on top of the game. We can help your business in customer experience optimisation, mobile marketing and creative content that will see an increase in your ROI. Please get in touch with one of our team members on 01704 898951.



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