Google expand text ads

Google expand paid text ads for all devices

After much testing from Google, the long awaited release of extended text ads has been rolled out across all devices. KW Digital discuss the changes to the paid text ads and how this is going to lead to better ad positions and increased click through rate (CTR).

Since the removal of the right-hand text ads, KW Digital have been waiting patiently for this change. Increasing the character length within the text ads will now add uniformity across all devices, enabling further optimisation for mobile.

Rachel Wilson, Director of Search, comments –

“The release of extended ad texts is great news for online advertisers. It means well-written ads and ‘on the ball’ advertisers will be rewarded with more Google ‘real estate’ and it means that good advertisers will be able to attract more clicks without necessarily having to be the highest bidder. Google is once again trying to encourage advertisers to think about the user rather than thinking about ad position.”

More characters for paid text ads

The changes to the text ads are as follows:

  • The new ad format will have two longer headlines of up to 30 characters each and a longer description line of up to 80 characters.
  • The display URL can include up to two directory paths that advertisers can use to describe the landing page content. The paths do not have to match the landing page URL.

How to benefit from these changes

The change is big news within the world of Paid Search! The previous characters have been the same format for 15 years. We would suggest that you speak to your PPC agency on developing a roll out strategy to benefit from the additional characters immediately. Not actioning this change may result in your competitors ad position increasing and your number of clicks decreasing.

Rachel continues, “We are in the process of rolling out extended ad texts across all of the campaigns that we manage. We predict that our accounts will benefit from an increased ad rank and increased quality score meaning their ad position will strengthen and their CPC will reduce!”

If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact the team at KW Digital – we would be more than happy to discuss your paid search campaigns.



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