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The 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Shaped 2016

As 2016 is drawing to a close, there is no better time to look at this year’s online trends that have shaped digital marketing. The world of online marketing has seen a whirlwind of change surrounding it. In fact, it could be described as being in a constant state of flux this past year. KW Digital has collated a list of the 5 online marketing trends that we believe have made a difference in the industry and that you should potentially consider in your online marketing strategy.

1. Points of Purchase

The first digital marketing trend of 2016 to be discussed is points of purchase. Consumers now come across more occasions than ever to purchase online. This opens a range of opportunities for marketers to target their efforts towards. For example, In-App purchases are more prevalent than ever with ‘shop now’ options available on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This social media trend allows consumers to now directly make a purchase from a retailer’s ad whilst still being within the original app. This in turn can transform a simple browse into an online shopping experience.

2. Mobile Domination

The number of consumers that now access the internet on mobile devices outnumbers that of those on desktops. With that being said, it is therefore fundamental that websites are mobile friendly. This will ensure that a site is visible through mobile searches and are in turn automatically adjusted to the device in hand. This is not only more practical for the user but it aids those all-important Google rankings. This will undoubtedly ensure that custom isn’t lost due to poor functionality of a website.

3. Content Remarketing

The next online marketing trend to be addressed is Content Remarketing. The process of remarketing allows you to, quite simply, retarget marketing efforts to consumers that have previously visited your site. It gives you the opportunity to then reach out to those that could be interested in your products or services that you have to offer. It can potentially act as a subtle reminder to consumers to revisit your site to which can possibly initiate that all important purchase.

4. Personalised Marketing

With the online world being saturated with generic content and businesses formulating every day it can be difficult for consumers to find the solution to their problem in hand. So, digital marketers are now trying to create a more unique experience for each and every consumer. This will entail modifiable forms of content, and customised recommendations that are linked to the consumer’s repeat visits. However, this could potentially lead to the consumer feeling manipulated by marketing efforts so in turn should be dealt with cautiously.

5. Voice Search Optimisation

The final digital marketing trend of 2016 is Voice Search Optimisation. This type of search is now becoming a popular phenomenon than ever, with Siri, Cortano, Now and even the latest addition of Amazon Echo. More and more consumers are now searching through the use of their voice. This is due to the increasingly busy lifestyles of consumers who both want and need convenience in day to day life. Voice searches usually capture in long-tail keywords than that of short tail ones, so these should be made use of to increase search engine ranking position.

Who knows what 2017 will have in store for the world of digital marketing? At KW Digital we pride ourselves in our digital marketing expertise and our dedication to being relevant and on top of our game. With marketing constantly in a state of change, we ensure that we react and evolve with the industry to provide marketing strategies that work for our clients. For more information about the services we have to offer feel free to contact us.



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