Digital Marketing Trends 2017

5 New Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

As 2016 is coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about what digital marketing trends will emerge. In the forthcoming year ahead KW Digital has compiled a list of the marketing trends that we believe will shape the online marketing sector over 2017 and influence marketing practices. 

1. Immersive Experience Marketing

The first digital marketing trend of 2017 we think you should watch out for is immersive experience content marketing. There is now a hunger for a more involved experience over traditional marketing methods. There are a number of ways in which you can provide this type of experience to your audience. For example, offering 360 videos or host live webinars for increased engagement. Interaction provides the consumer with a sense of connection to your company and could potentially provide increased leads.

2. Dense Content

The consumer is faced with an online world that is inundated with content that is available to them. However, with increasingly short attention spans, busy lifestyles and the demand for information at the click of a button, it is therefore important that content is created to answer solutions in the most efficient way. This is done by creating dense content that includes short, sharp sentences that get to the point and solve the audience’s problems. This digital marketing trend will mean that marketers need to make the most of every word in every sentence for each and every piece of content created.

3. Content Marketing

Another marketing trend we couldn’t help but include is the ever-growing need for content that is both unique and high quality. This is particularly important to those firms that are in specialised markets such as manufacturing and engineering. This entails the need for professional copywriters that have both the expertise surrounding a specific topic alongside the proficiency to create readable content.

4. Expanded Text Ads

As of 31 January 2017, the way in which we will optimise text ads will have changed for good. AdWords will no longer support ads that are in the old ‘standard’ text format that everyone is so used to. Instead, text ads are evolving to give your audience a better sense of what is available on your website and allowing you to become more relevant as an online business. For more on how to benefit from this emerging digital marketing trend check out our post here.

5. Facebook for Business

The final emerging digital marketing trend of 2017 to be discussed is Facebook for Business. Social media marketing allows engagement with your audience and is a great way to share content with current and potential consumers. This is often a neglected area of online marketing by B2B businesses. However, this can be a mistake. Facebook for Business can provide companies with two very important benefits: advertising intelligence to customise messages to a highly-targeted audience as well as brand and reputation management. It shouldn’t be forgotten that social media is an essential factor for SEO and can be a great aid to drive relevant traffic. To find out more about what social media services we offer simply click here.

At KW Digital we believe it is crucial to grow and develop with industry advancements and provide our clients with the most relevant and effective digital marketing strategies. We are dedicated to being a consultancy firm that will provide you with the answers to your solutions and provide you with effective results. For more information about the services we have to offer feel free to email our team at or contact us on 01704 898951.



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