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Retargeting advertising: Everything you need to know

Retargeting and remarketing – its all the same. The bottom line is this online form of advertising that can offer you assistance generating leads. It converts an audience, that have previously bounced off your webpage, into repeat customers. But how can you reap the benefits of online retargeting you ask? Here is how you can implement this tactic into your latest digital marketing strategy.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting, or remarketing, is a way in which you can turn, a previously potential audience into a consumer. The method is to capture a once possibly interested individual into a customer that now wants or needs your products or services. When a potential customer enters your WordPress website or mobile app, and leaves before buying into your product/service, you can retarget them later on through the use of ads.

When they browse the internet at a later point in time, the potential customer will then start seeing your ads placed carefully on display networks around the internet. This will in turn recapture their interest, leading them back to your site. This could mean your once previously hypothetical customer now has a greater probability of becoming an actual customer.

How can you retarget your audience?

Retargeting is done by placing cookies on your entire website or particular pages, such as a product page or shopping cart that didn’t complete the purchase process. This gives you control who sees your ad, in addition to what they are seeing. This marketing method will allow your business to display retargeted ads towards your potential customers as they visit other sites.

The benefits of retargeting

The advantages of retargeting can be manifold for your business. The first of which is, brand recall. This type of recognition is known to be a crucial part in the customer’s purchase decision making process. If they have browsed your site previously, and they are now being reminded of the services you have to offer, the chances of them returning are increased.
The benefits don’t stop there, others include;

  • Increased relevancy of ads – ads are delivered on previous web activities.
  • Higher conversion rates – drives customers back to the website.
  • Increased Return on Investment – improved conversion rates lead to an effective ROI.
  • Audience targeting – a specific message can be targeted to a specific audience.
  • Tailored to your advertising objectives – customise lists to deliver ads specifically on previous web activities.

If a remarketing campaign sounds like a method that you’d like to incorporate into your marketing strategy, why not give KW Digital a call today. Our helpful team would be more than happy to discuss your marketing strategy and help create solutions to meet the larger objectives of your business. Call us today on 01704 898 951 or drop us an email at



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