Live video streaming

How live video streaming is changing how marketers engage

Live video streaming is a growing phenomenon in the world of digital marketing. From Facebook Live to Periscope, it is engaging more of the population day by day. Authentic live feeds not only provide your audience with an interactive medium, but delivers an insight into your company. In this blog, we will discuss this style of engagement and how it is changing the traditional business-customer relationships.

Live video streaming

Live video streaming is taking the world by storm. It’s a powerful tool that allows companies to build a stronger, more personal relationship with their audience. It not only allows a business to showcase products, which can demonstrate benefits, but it can give your customers an insight into your business and provide a closer business-consumer connection.

This unexpected rise in online video activity has been a fantastic way to generate interest around company websites and boost engagement. Businesses can now connect with audiences by letting them be part of something, whether it’s behind-the-scenes glimpses, live events, or tutorials.

Live Feeds

Video marketing has grown massively in recent years and live video streaming is adding a new dimension to this popular trend. In fact, live streaming can be described as a new focal point of social media and digital marketing communications. The power of live streaming is on the rise, consumers are now more frequently engaging in watching content on their mobile devices and tablets.

Online video streams are becoming a must-have in digital marketing strategies. But, don’t be worried about trying to capture your audience whilst you are live streaming. Several platforms, such as Periscope and Instagram, allow the videos to be watched up to 24 hours after they have been published. While Facebook allows them to be available indefinitely, until the user wishes to remove it.

Consumers put their trust in brands that communicate with them. Online video streaming allows you to interact with your audience, allowing instant feedback and increased brand credibility. This digital revolution could determine the success of a brand and it is vital to become involved in this digital marketing trend and start live video streaming today.

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