the benefits of cornerstone content

Search engine optimisation trends: Cornerstone content

Analysing and applying search engine optimisation trends at KW Digital is a vital factor in keeping our clients and their particular brand relevant and at the top of their game. We create strategic content that will naturally direct a keyword search towards our client’s website and product. We are always striving to identify the most effective ways for us as a company to develop and keep the client’s brand consistent. A significantly important search engine optimisation technique to understand and embrace is cornerstone content.

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is the must-see elements of your website. Filled with the most important information on each individual subject area, it’s the page that you want to drive your customer’s attention to in the first instance. After your homepage, these pages are the next to be seen; easy to find and essential to read. Relevant, up to date, clear and packed full of everything a customer would need, based on their keyword search. This technique directs traffic to your most in depth and informative pages about your business and what you can offer.

The cornerstone content provides all the information about a specific topic within your business, even though you may have other articles or blog posts addressing the same or similar topics. Each of these other posts should always have a link back to your cornerstone content. A benefit to these structured posts means the cornerstone is always accessible and prominent through links.

The benefits of cornerstone content

Using cornerstone content creates a direct path for a customer to your business, showing exactly what you do as a company and how that benefits them in reference to what they’re looking for. For example, when one of your keywords is searched for, the customer is directed towards your website or your developed cornerstone content. This specified structure enables them to find exactly what they need because the necessary information is presented straight to them, without getting lost within your website. The benefits of cornerstone content include the ease of access to what they have searched for meaning that the transition to becoming a customer is smoother and more likely to evolve.

At KW Digital, we believe that engaging with this structure creates clever, strong connections for your business to other search engines, whilst continually pushing for natural online movement towards your brand. We understand and thoroughly research the best plan to develop and execute so that you and your business become the higher ranking content on the search engine results.

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