Web design trends 2018

How will web design change in the future?

Past web design trends

How has web design developed in 2017? Before we look forward to 2018, we need to take a look at the changes of the past year.


GIFs became huge in 2017, from appearing on Facebook to instant messaging. This was naturally adopted in web design as a tool to catch user attention. It takes a photograph that one step further, creating a clever moving video, that is simple to create yet so effective for user engagement.


Mobile-first design has been growing for years but became crucial in 2017. Ensuring that your website was responsive to a smaller, more frequently used screen became a must for all web designers. Mobile isn’t going anywhere so this trend will only continue to grow in 2018.

Minimal web design

Stuffed and overcrowded web design trends were long gone last year, and in came the minimalist, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing web design. This trend will most definitely carry through to this year.

VR and 360 videos

An explosion of virtual reality and 360 videos hit our screens in 2017. This past web design trend will only continue to develop as virtual reality isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Fluidity across all devices

Not only was a mobile first design paramount in 2017, but also extreme fluidity – from mobile to desktop to TV. Making certain that your website responds naturally when switched between devices is extremely important for web designers. This ensures your website is always easily accessible and extremely responsive to whatever devices is utilising it.

Future web design trends

Now we’ve taken a look at the past, it’s time to look toward the future web design trends of 2018.

Typography – brighter and more beautiful

A major web design trend for 2018 will mean designers have to become much more adventurous with their typography. Expect bright and bold designs and vibrant colours to hit your screen this year.

Animations aminations animations

GIFs and animation really grew in popularity in 2017, but this will become an even bigger web design trend in 2018. They will be more intelligently designed, with smooth transitions combined with flawless design.

Overall cleaner, flatter aesthetic

So, minimalistic design was big in 2017 and this will be developed further in the next year. A future web design trend will include an overall cleaner, flatter aesthetic.

Voice search

The popularity of using voice searching to find a website became much more frequently used in 2017, and we can expect this to increase even further in 2018. Therefore, web design needs to be developed to naturally interact with voice searching.

More mobile-first

Even though this past year, mobile first became a major focus, this will only become more important next year. Web design will look to develop for mobile first, where historically, desktop was the focus.

Custom illustrations

Custom illustration is a future web design trend that will bring personality and tailored branding to a company to create an overall style.

Micro interactive content

As the user moves around the website, they will interact with smaller details within the design. As they move over a particular area of the site, they will find intricate, innovative micro interactions – just like the way the interactive ‘hearts’ reaction works on your Facebook messenger app.

Authentic, unique photography

Say goodbye to overused stock imagery and hello to authentic photography. This new year you can expect to see brands using their own photography, specifically for web design.

So, there you have it. There are your web design trends for 2018, from KW Digital! If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about a web build project or SEO marketing, contact us today on 01704 898951.



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