Why Wordpress is good for SEO

Why WordPress is good for SEO

With over 1 billion websites live right now, competition is at an all-time high. KW Digital explores the success of the most popular website creation tool available, WordPress, and what WordPress’ features can offer businesses to improve their online presence.

Will WordPress die?

Throughout the last decade many people have predicted the fall of WordPress, and all have been indisputably wrong. When WordPress launched in 2003 there were 40 million websites live on the internet, now there are over 30 times as many websites online right now and WordPress is still the fastest growing content management system, by far. WordPress boasts an impressive 29% of total website usage, with the closest competitor, Joomla, taking up only 3.2% of websites.

WordPress’ share of the market is almost 60% and continues to gain more year-on-year. But why are people and businesses alike flocking to WordPress over other avenues? Although WordPress found its footing as a platform for blog websites, that is no longer true. While you are still able to host a simple WordPress blog, users also have the ability to create fully functional websites and applications, making it perfect for businesses and the public alike. With an easy to use concept, there are thousands of free themes available which incorporate SEO friendly high quality code with optional SEO plugins to improve your Search Engine Optimisation even further.

How to use WordPress

Millions of people are active on WordPress websites, so the setup and management of your own website is designed to be as easy as possible. You can find countless step-by-step tutorials on WPBeginner, guiding new users through how to create a WordPress website, including the setup, installation, themes, content, customisation, plugins, and further promotion. WordPress is flexible and integrates with virtually every online tool and platform that you can think of with very little effort from the user. This is why many small start-up companies and large, established brands choose WordPress to build their websites.

WordPress business themes

Most WordPress users are not programmers, many have no prior knowledge of web design at all. Which is why free WordPress business themes are so crucial. It is important for business websites to portray a professional look, whether your company is more corporate or alternative, as this helps to build trust in your brand and can help to create conversations amongst existing and potential visitors. WordPress theme designs are an easy way to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and structured well, allowing visitors to quickly access the information they are searching for.

A large number of WordPress templates integrate social media, improving online cohesion, along with testimonials, contact forms and many other features that provide customers with a smoother visit. There is also the option of additional plugins. Plugins have the ability to add extra functionality and even whole new platforms to your existing WordPress theme. Amongst these plugins is the extremely popular Yoast SEO plugin, which is commonly used for businesses.

Why WordPress is good for SEO

WordPress’ business plan offers a tailored package, including a custom domain name, advanced design customisation, no WordPress ads, and, most importantly, SEO tools and Google Analytics Integration, which provide crucial features that go hand in hand with WordPress’s statistics to provide the best information to target your desired customer base.

In addition to these direct WordPress options, Yoast, the top WordPress SEO plugin, can be incorporated into your website to provide more visitors from Google and Bing and attract traffic from social media, while increasing your readers’ engagement. Yoast premium covers a large range of SEO techniques that improve the ranking of your website, including keywords, avoiding duplicate content and content insights.

By using these readily available SEO features, your website’s content will become more easily available to search engines, boosting the ranking of your web pages, and allowing consumers to access your website with considerably more ease. SEO is essential for any business who wants to develop an outstanding online presence and as many WordPress users are beginners, the many helpful features that WordPress provide can give anyone, from amateurs to professionals, the information they need to begin building their brand online with minimal input.

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