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The Importance of PPC in the B2B Market

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective tool for B2B business owners to utilise. However, PPC accounts are often left unoptimised, not well maintained and just left running in the background. Simply setting up, or even just having a PPC account is not enough. If it is done wrong, it can lead to businesses losing a lot of money and not seeing any return on ad spend. However, if done properly it can be an extremely profitable exercise. In this blog, KW Digital will explain Pay Per Click advertising and its benefits…if done correctly!

What is Pay Per Click

PPC is a method of paid search. This type of digital marketing technique is where advertisers pay a certain amount each time their ad is clicked. Ads may be displayed over a range of websites, including the Google search network, Google sites such as YouTube or even other commercial sites. Paid search is the opposite to organic visits and requires bidding for ad placements, as opposed to using targeted keywords to naturally rank.

Pay Per Click for B2B

Paid search is a fantastic way to grow your B2B business, in fact it could be described as one of the most effective methods of increasing exposure. It can be a huge source of your businesses leads and sales, which is the ultimate aim. Here at KW solutions we get that. B2B marketing is completely different to B2C marketing and this is a primary factor that is important to grasp when creating a PPC advertising strategy.

To ensure effective PPC advertising, firstly keywords need to be found. And the right keywords at that. The wrong keywords will drive irrelevant traffic, which costs you money. This is where Google’s keyword planner and matching types come in. Understanding matching types and relevant search phrases is paramount to the success of your PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits

Pay Per Click advertisements can provide a host of benefits to your B2B business. But remember, these can only be reaped if you carry out your PPC strategy in the correct way:

  • Enquiry generation – Sales and leads can be generated through enquiries.
  • Flexibility – bids and budgets can be changed whenever you want them to.
  • Attract the right audience to your website – using relevant keywords attracts the right audience across relevant websites across the internet.
  • Measurable results – Google AdWords provides great analytical tools to track progress.

Here at KW Digital, we have a team of Pay Per Click experts that can run campaigns for a range of different budgets to suit the needs and requirements of your B2B business. If you want to speak to a member of our team about how PPC advertising can help improve your business leads and generate increased return on investment, call us today on 01704 898951. Or simply drop us an email at

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