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What Is Google Shopping and Why Should You Be Using It?

You may formerly know Google Shopping as Google Product Search, or even Froogle as it was once called! But it is an online platform that is becoming more and more popular with both consumers and businesses and definitely isn’t one to be missed if you are an online retailer. KW Digital has rounded up all you need to know about Google Shopping and what advantages you could be benefiting from if you implement it into your digital marketing strategy today. 


Google Shopping is an additional service through Google Search that allows consumers to search for products through online venders and compare prices between the competing online stores. It appears at the top of the page and allows the consumer to quickly scope out competing offerings from a range of retailers.


Google shopping runs over two different platforms: AdWords and Google Merchant Centre. AdWords is where your campaigns are established and Google Merchant Centre is where the details around your products are set in a Google friendly format.

Unlike Google text ads, you cannot determine when your ads show up when consumers are internet shopping. Instead, Google determines this for you, considering a range of factors such as your website and your current bids. As you can see, this isn’t a straight-forward process and is in fact similar to that of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Your ads will appear over different platforms on the web when consumers shop on Google. These will include Google Shopping, Google Search and Google Search Partner websites, such as YouTube and Image Search. You can manage these shopping ads in a simple and flexible way using the Shopping Campaigns function within AdWords.


Applying Google Shopping ads to your digital marketing strategy will provide you with a host of benefits, including;


Shopping ads allow businesses to usually experience a higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to that of text ads shown in the same location. It has also been found that consumers browsing for specific items are already later on in the buying decision process, so have most likely decided what they are looking for.


If we move on from the previous point, this leads us into the next advantage you can reap from Google Shopping Ads. An improved Click Through Rate, as with traditional Pay Per Click, reduces your CPC. Google Shopping campaigns usually result in a lower average CPC, allowing you more traffic for your budget.


Shopping ads deliver the customer a collection of information whereby they can make more informed purchase decisions by simply seeing a shopping ad. Through the use of image and price the consumer is more knowledgeable and has a good sense of the product before clicking on the ad. This will allow more funneled purchasing leads that are relevant to the site.


Google Shopping Campaigns allow you to view your performance data by product and/or attribute, allowing you to segment data appropriately for improved analysis. Google will also provide anonymous CPC and CTR metrics on your competitors. This will in turn provide you with all important awareness on how to aim your bids for cost effective campaigns.

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