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10 Reasons Why You Should Focus on a Niche as a Marketing Agency

Between us, we have over 100 years’ of manufacturing and engineering experience. This has allowed us to build up significant sector experience, knowledge and understanding. What does this mean for you? It means a reduced ‘learning curve’. Forget having to learn about products, your customers or your competitors.

We don’t just have contacts, we have relationships – relationships we have forged both online and offline. We have developed an authority within the industry, we attend the key exhibitions and conferences and we already have a relevant social media following! All of these activities take time, time that you will be paying for if you choose to work with a company that has not already got these assets in place.

At KW Digital we do not offer generic social media and SEO training schools. We offer tailored, focused Masterclasses that not only address your digital marketing objectives, but in the context of the environment in which you operate in. We know how to market technical product & services in the online world, and we are more than happy to teach you how.

As all of our customers’ operate within the same broad industry sector, we can benefit from economies of scale. Our account managers are multi-functional, our processes are tried and tested and our productive activities are streamlined. We all know what economies of scale means to our customers…

Focusing on a niche allows you to deliver results faster and with fewer resources. This means we can operate at a ‘cost advantage’ compared to non-industry competitors. This cost-advantage is reflected in our pricing, so we can always be adding the highest value to our customers’.

Finding the time to Network is difficult, so let us do it for you. We attend all the exhibitions, events and conferences. We will inform you of the events key to your objectives and our account managers will attend in your place with a hit list of companies you would like to know. Additionally, you can join our ready-made online networking groups and talk to your peers, without having to leave your desk.

Having a deep sector understanding and knowledge base allows us to have confidence in our service delivery. We choose only to work with companies that are ‘culturally aligned’ with our mission – that is to improve their effectiveness in the online world. We don’t take risks, we take educated strategic steps to take you to the next level with your marketing success.

Our account managers do not simply follow a list of tasks according to a strategy document, they add value every step of the way. It is their job to know and communicate environmental and industry changes. It is their job to spot vital opportunities and predict any threats. Treat our account managers as an extension to your marketing department.

Looking for your sector’s key associations? Looking for an industry-specific PR or translation company? Looking for an accountant who specialise in R&D claims? We have built a strong network of ancillary service companies, who are experts in what they do. Let us recommend and help you evaluate your options.

When I am asked what is the main risk you try to avoid in your strategy, I answer ‘A leaky bucket’. Our key success factor is ‘Customer Longevity’. Every single activity is based upon keeping our customers happy and informed – because of this we have invested heavily in our performance and reporting tools and in training our valuable account managers.

We love feedback like this and we strive for it every day –

KW Digital have been a valuable asset to our online marketing strategy, their focus on ‘solutions to application problems’ is reflected in the content editing and copywriting – we are now being found on Google for the solutions and problems our products offer and overcome.

– Mark, Singer Valve

The currency we work in is leads and enquiries. We don’t dazzle our customers’ with marketing jargon to distract them from the fact that to date, we can’t give them a ROI figure. We generate targeted leads and enquiries for their products and services. I strongly believe the only way to develop the level of understanding and expertise to have the confidence to converse in number of leads and enquiries…is to focus on your Niche!

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