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7 Good Reasons Why Using SEO Measuring Tools Software can Boost Your SEO Performance and Analytics

Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, just to point out the obvious, are lining up to sell you targeted traffic. Your Digital Marketing agency wants to send you more traffic.

But hold on, first you simply need to understand;

  • Which traffic sources are working for you?
  • Which traffic sources are working for your competitors?
  • How do you extract maximum value from the traffic information?

Tactics are worthless if you don’t understand what’s working and what’s not. This is why you are frustrated. You have no context. You have no system. If you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it!

SEO is a continual process and you should start monitoring it in these 7 key areas:


Measure the exact source of all your traffic, whether it is organic or paid. Make sure every social channel is delivering your budgeted level of traffic every day with a quick analysis of your mix of paid and organic traffic, broken down per source.

You might be thinking that twitter is your busiest social channel, but it may be Reddit articles that are delivering the clicks. The only way to understand your key metrics is by using SEO measuring tools from credible SEO Marketing analytics software.


Ask any SEO guru what their main focus is and they will tell you they want their main keyword, listed high on Google rankings.

Now is the time to drill down and measure the success of your top 10 keywords. You should identify not just the trends but underperforming keywords and those that you need to optimise for the future.

SEO software such as SEM rush tools will help identify your keywords strengths and weaknesses, and identify different keyword difficulties. This will help you choose the right keywords for upcoming campaigns.


Few things matter as much as which keywords convert and send people to your website. Find these high converting keywords and optimise for them across key pages on your website. It’s highly recommended to use SEO analytics to find out which pages they convert on. This will help improve the customer experience on that page. Include a strong “Call to Action” to ensure you get maximum conversion.


Use SEO analytics to discover your most visited web pages and improve the customer experience on that page. You might be surprised to discover that your most visited webpage is the “About” page and it needs a complete revamp, to make it more engaging and enhance the credibility and authority of your site. Or it could be your gallery and you may want to refresh and update those images.


Are you getting those high quality links from authority websites that drive high rankings on search engines? SEO software measuring tools such as Raven and SEM Rush will help identify which sites link back to your website. But, Moz tool has an amazing crawl test tool that will analyse up to 3,00 links on your website. Not only will this help you with “crawlability” but will help you identify duplicate content, which is having a negative effect on your SEO.


Use Semrush SEO analytics to identify your competitors common and unique keywords. You may well discover new keywords that you can optimise on your site. Not only will you be reaching out to new prospects but also gaining market share at your competitor’s expense. In return for your email address, a small SEO software site called SEO Report Card will analyse your site for Google rankings and number of links compared to your key competitors.


Your site will be suffering if missing all the necessary data. Use SEO software such as Screaming frog’s SEO spider. It comes in handy in fixing SEO technical issues like; pages with no meta data, missing Alt tags, duplicate pages etc.

There you have it, at KW Digital, we are able to help with all the SEO measuring tools software’s. We analyse your website first by undertaking a thorough website audit and then suggest the right SEO tools to use. Talk to one of our team members today by calling us on +44 (0) 1704 898951.

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