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Hear What Bürkert Have to Say About the Industry’s #1 Search Engine Optimisation Tool!

Since joining Process Industry Forum (PIF) in January 2014, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems have reaped the rewards of several member benefits. Chief among them has been the development of fresh marketable content, that’s been optimised and given a suitable online platform, which has dramatically boosted their Google Rankings. This is the story of how PIF’s marketing gurus achieved such a coup.

It’s been nearly a year since Bürkert joined the PIF network. In that time PIF’s team of online marketing experts have written more than 30 unique pieces of ‘solution-driven’ or innovation-based’ content for the control and measuring systems manufacturers.

All of this original marketing content appears online at; where it stands the best chance of getting in front of the right Process Industry professionals, influencers and thought leaders.


The results have been quite staggering. Not only has there been a surge of visitors perusing Bürkert’s articles, PIF have been able to evidence that this valuable newfound readership is spending well above the industry average length of time reading what they’ve got to say.

Rachel Wilson is Operations Director at PIF. She said: “In the short period from July to September 2014, we have brought 7,440 unique visitors to Bürkert’s articles. These readers have spent over 2.4 hours reading these articles.

“According to Google, the average time spent reading a webpage is between ten and 20 seconds,” Rachel added. “The amount of time spent reading Bürkert’s articles on PIF is dramatically higher than Google’s average at approximately 4.6 minutes per article.”

Naturally, Bürkert have been pleased with the results. Marketing Manager, Helen Christopher, said:

“Bürkert first started working with PIF last year and I was impressed from the start. The team has a real grasp of the process industry. Coupled with their expertise in online marketing, it is bridging the gap between technical knowledge and how to get the right information out there, to the right people, at the right time.

Helen added: “Online is an essential platform to understand to improve your marketing. There’s so much to learn nowadays and it’s constantly changing. But with PIF, they consult with the client about what they need and translate that information into something useful, which will help you get to the top of Google.”


That’s just what PIF have been able to deliver for Bürkert. Through their precise optimisation of specific keywords, they’ve been able to catapult Bürkert’s content right up to the top of Google’s natural rankings.

Rachel continued: “We have been able to help Bürkert to rank highly on Google Rankings, both where their competitors are and even where they’re not! Not only are we ranking on page one for these keywords, but for some keywords we rank in positions one, two, three and even four. Meaning we are dominating page one of Google with Bürkert content.

“The keywords we have targeted for Bürkert are known as ‘long tail’ keywords; they are very specific and are more likely to convert into leads. As long as we continue to provide fresh content online, we’re confident that Bürkert’s ranking positions will remain exactly where we want them.”

With those sorts of results it’s little wonder that Bürkert are passionate advocates of PIF’s services. Helen concluded: “I’d have no hesitation in recommending their services, especially to technical companies who don’t have the time to understand online marketing or have in-house SEO knowledge. You won’t be wasting your marketing spend.”

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