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How to Choose a Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is the way forward. Gone are the days when a bricks and mortar store and an afternoon of leaflet-dropping was enough to keep your business moving. Businesses now need a good online presence in order to prosper. Research shows that users expect a multi-channel journey when buying goods or researching services. If you sell goods on a high-street, shoppers expect to visit your store at lunchtime, go back to their desks in the afternoon and Google your website, check for online-only deals and reserve their coveted purchases online – ready to pick up when their shift finishes at 5pm.

This is the norm now.

Shoppers expect to interact with you at all hours of the day and night. They expect to contact you via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. They expect to instant-chat with your team, solve problems straight away, and read about your business long into the night, when the children have gone to bed and they have a precious hour alone.

But although this is the expectation, building and maintaining a good digital strategy which keeps your website at the top of Google search pages, is not something you can necessarily do alone. Not when you have the day-to-day running of your livelihood to contend with.


This is where a digital marketing agency can help. A digital marketing agency will look after the maintenance of your website; which includes ensuring that your content is easy to crawl and index by Google robots, keeping a steady stream of new and unique content coming in and proactively outreaching your content to high authority websites for backlinks, to keep your domain authority up.

A digital marketing agency will also research your competitors, delve into the inner-workings of your industry and set the strategy for your online marketing going forward.

So how should you choose a digital marketing agency for your business? You should first look at any specialisms within your industry, which would be beneficial for your digital marketing agency to understand. It would be preferable to have some recommendations from other businesses too, or to look at other businesses online who you might admire, and find out who takes care of their digital marketing.


When first starting out with a small business, the challenge of setting up a website and a social presence can be daunting. But this can actually be a positive place to be when first starting a partnership with a digital marketing agency.

The website of a small business in its infancy may not have any complicated errors or crawlability issues to iron out, so the process of optimising your website could be a smooth one. In which case, it will be a faster and more efficient process getting to the nitty gritty of creating new content, outreaching to high authority websites and boosting your domain authority.

KW Digital manage a number of marketing strategies for small and niche businesses. We maintain a personal relationship with our clients and develop a deep understanding of the way each business works, in order to produce great quality content and carry out deeper research projects into the marketplace.


For specialist sectors such as financial services, it is important to choose a marketing agency that is experienced in your area of expertise. A digital marketing agency needs to live and breathe the environment of their clients, and needs to have a thorough understanding of complicated jargon, business acronyms and the internal and external processes associated with your company.

KW Digital manages the marketing collateral and strategy-setting for numerous financial companies, including Acumen Financial. We have long-standing experience of the financial sector and understand the complicated nature of the business. We take a proactive approach to research and keep on top of new legislations and government incentives which may alter the course of the strategy, or might offer an exciting new topic to write about and outreach


Similar to choosing a marketing agency for financial services, healthcare businesses require the same intricate level of care. KW Digital manages the digital strategy and website maintenance of several businesses in the health sector, including Health Rack. We understand the ethical and sensitive nature of healthcare, and handle difficult subject matters with ease.

We take a methodical approach to research and stay ahead of the game when it comes to healthcare news in the media, topical stories and breakthroughs in the medical sector, which may alter or complement the digital marketing strategy.


KW Digital is a family-run business with roots in the engineering sector. One of our very first clients was a specialist engineering firm in the North West of England: MGA Controls. They are still an integral part of our clientele, and we have helped to mould and shape the growth of this business by using exciting digital methods and innovative trends which have kept MGA Controls ahead of their competitors.

The engineering sector requires a specialist level of care, as the language and processes used are of a complex nature, and can’t necessarily be handled by just any digital marketing agency. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to support your specialist business, contact KW Digital for a chat about the health of your online business.

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