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Manufacturing the Ultimate Digital Marketing Approach

In manufacturing terms, if just one key component of the production line fails then a product goes unmade and profits take a nosedive. Exactly the same applies to your digital marketing approach, which is where KW Digital can step in to act as foreman.

Here at KW Digital, we love to employ the odd well-placed analogy to illustrate some of the more abstract theories of digital marketing. This led us to thinking: what if we looked at digital marketing as a manufacturing process in its own right, to highlight the need for a complete, holistic approach?

Think about it: the central premise of ‘acquisition, conversion, retention’ is as all-consuming for manufacturers as it is to marketers. Exactly the same principles apply if we want to drive sales. So doesn’t it make sense to amalgamate the best digital marketing tools available to manufacture the best possible sales metrics for your product?

Here we take the comparison further, to show you just how closely aligned these two worlds are:


You wouldn’t dream of launching into a full-blown production schedule for a brand new product without first making some detailed CAD drawings. Would you? We shudder to think of the cost and man hours that such a haphazard approach would incur. You see where we’re going with this…because by employing various digital marketing tactics – a functional website here, some social media there – without any clear objectives, analysis or thought to sales conversions is just as counter-productive.


Of course, ensuring a fully functioning, well thought out plant is in place is an obvious pre-cursor to bringing a product on line. A plant requires roboticsconveyorscontrol systems and myriad other carefully laid out elements to run efficiently. Think of your website as your virtual plant. It is what brings your products to life; needs just as much attention to detail and careful planning to make it function appropriately; and if it goes down, your sales go down too!


So, you’ve designed your new product – or digital marketing strategy – and you’re ready to go in to production. But wait. How will your staff on the assembly line know how to manage and control all the necessary machinery, systems and checks without rigorous training? Well, the same applies to executing the objectives of your digital marketing strategy. When your staff have mastered the basics of SEO and social media, for example, your strategy comes to life.


Now that you’ve done the groundwork, you’re ready to go into production. To make that process easier, and more efficient, of course it’s necessary to ensure that all those key essentials to your plant – the machinery and components – are running smoothly. From a digital marketing perspective, we like to think of your content as your vital plant machinery. They’re the chugging, whirring, beating heart of your website. Without it, nothing would work. Your keywords and good SEO practices are the smaller components and the grease on the cogs that keep your content, and ultimately your website, operating at peak performance.


Keeping a manufacturing plant, or a website, running effectively takes constant attention and tweaking. Sometimes parts need replacing or upgrades are necessary. From a digital point of view, if your content and keywords are performing below par – perhaps because they’re reaching the upper limit of their life cycle – then some additional expertise can squeeze out extra fractions of performance. That’s where PPC can be brilliant for boosting your SEO ranking and upping your sales conversions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our virtual tour of the digital marketing plant floor! KW Digital offers all these essential services, and more, with specialist digital marketing expertise that’s forged from more than 20 years worth of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Speak to KW Digital today, to find out more about all our Digital Marketing services, by calling 01704 898951 or email Or visit for more information.

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