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Why Choose an SEO Company That is Specific to Engineering & Manufacturing?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is important to industries far and wide – nearly every company wants to see their website at the top of Google for their chosen keywords. These companies often pay SEO agencies anything from £1,500 to £6,000 each month in order to achieve that page 1 status.

How many manufacturing & engineering companies have paid a figure similar to this but have never seen their content listing amongst the high-rankers? Or even more disconcerting is how many companies have managed to secure page 1 listings but are waiting to see that ground-breaking impact on sales?

I personally have seen it time and time again. The swanky SEO agencies promise the world and deliver very little apart from a swanky excuse after 6 months of ‘dedicated on-page and off-page activity based on a detailed SEO strategy’. I am not purposefully slating SEO agencies, they have a place in the general B2B and B2C arena – but in my opinion, they don’t have a place in the world of engineering and manufacturing.



Other than Digital Marketing itself, our industry has some of the most competitive keywords out there. By this I mean, for a single keyword or keyphrase, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of websites ranking for this keyword!

For example, there are 3,000,000 websites competing for the keyword ‘ Ball valves’, there are 36,000,000 competing for the keyword ‘AC drives’ and there are a whopping 45,000,000 competing for the keyword ‘Check valves’.

Don’t let this put you off SEO all together (read why below)… but throwing a couple of £K per month at an SEO agency to get you there is likely to be money down the drain.

The only way to rank on page 1 for these high traffic, highly competitive keywords would be to throw a serious amount of investment at it. You would need fresh content on your website daily and fresh content on other domains linking back to your content daily. You would need a very old domain name, with very high authority. You would also need back-links from the big boys, such as Wikipedia, BBC & The Guardian.


I would argue it was pointless trying to optimise your content or website for the keywords mentioned above anyway – that is if your goal is to increase leads and sales!

Google users have become much more sophisticated in the way they use the search engines as a tool to help them find what they are looking for. Think how you would use Google…if you were looking for a review on a specific smartphone would you simply type ‘smartphone’ into Google? Or would you type in ‘Review of i-phone 5’ or ‘most popular smartphone’?

Google users know how to work Google to deliver the most relevant results for them, and Google is so much better at deciphering the user’s request and delivering more relevant results – but that is a completely different blog post!

My advice would be to sit down with your technical experts, your sales team and your marketing resources and get into the heads of your customers. What problems are they having, what solutions will they be looking for and what are they likely to type into Google?!

After your keyword brain dump, there is refining process to go through to identify those keywords that are going to deliver high amounts of relevant traffic. This process is called developing your ‘Keyword Strategy’ and is an area where KW Digital excels.


One final comment – those SEO agencies which have a lack of understanding regarding technical product and services will fundamentally struggle to develop and refine a keyword strategy which is going to ensure a high ROI, increased website leads and increased sales.

This is because they simply cannot get into the heads of engineers and they do not have the reams of industry-specific data available to analyse which keywords have high traffic and which keywords lead to high click-through’s from search engine to website.

KW Digital has built this data up over years and has developed keywords strategies for 100’s of engineering and manufacturing companies, large and small. If you are struggling to achieve impressive results from your SEO activities, get in touch today by emailing to see how we can help.

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