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Adding a ‘little’ fun to Arriva Click

3D Render of a Small Van
An initial render of the small and cute version of the Arriva Click bus.

While public transport isn’t the ‘hot topic’ for most of us, Arriva Click are changing the way we perceive it and are creating a shift in the way we use public transport. For that reason, we (the design team, here at KW Digital) wanted to create a piece of artwork that could spark interest for people of all ages.

Making a normal version of the bus would have been an interesting project for us but we wanted to really capture people’s attention! Making it a small, ‘cute’ version of the bus will get people turning their heads for a second glance, no matter what demographic they fall into!

Clay render of the arriva bus
This is the clay version of the bus, to get a better sense of the lighting in the scene and to better see how the shadows appear
Wireframe version of the arriva bus
This wireframe render is purely for visual aesthetics to better showcase the topology of the model.

After getting the overall shape of the bus correct and to the dimensions that suited the ‘look’, materials and textures were created. The materials needed to be PBR (physically based rendered) materials in order to keep the bus looking as realistic as possible. We may be changing the shape of it, but we want to keep it recognisable.

Arriva Van drops in animated image

However, the fun doesn’t stop there! After finishing with the cute little bus, we decided to try our hands at modifying it. Which lead to something that would be better suited in Rocket League. With spoilers, huge rims, low profile tyres, ENORMOUS exhausts, and blue flames, we feel Arriva Click would be making a few more collections in the day…… food for thought?

heavily modified version of the arriva bus
Animated version of the modified arriva bus

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