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Improving SEO Audits with KW Digital

Recently, KW Digital recapped what we learnt at Search 2019. This week, we’ll be taking inspiration from one of the key seminars at this year’s search marketing conference which talked about how agencies and clients alike should be getting more out of SEO Audits. Bastian Grimm’s “Why most SEO Audits are Sh*t” presentation got us thinking about what we can do to improve our own audits here at KW and how we can offer our clients more. Here’s what we found out about how we can improve our SEO Audits and use this information to give back to our clients:

Actions from SEO audits should be tailored to client needs

If your audit is to be delivered to a client, they should be 100% happy with everything feasible, well-documented and tailored to your specific needs. They should be implementing everything that was recommended. Which is why all client-facing SEO Audits at KW Digital are bespoke to the individual needs of our clients. Each action we recommend from our audits will always be in line with the wider goals of each client. This allows our clients to save time, money and resources that would otherwise be spent on actions which add little to no value to their business.

What are the cornerstones of every great SEO audit?

  1. Choose the right format for each SEO audit based on the goals of each individual client.
  2. Tackle the root cause of problems by making each SEO audit actionable and provide guidance where applicable.
  3. Ensure that in-depth SEO audits include executive summaries, proper formatting and grammar, named sources, as well as a document index and above all, clear priorities.
  4. Personalise each individual audit focus areas and starting points.
  5. Most importantly, deliver client-facing SEO audits which are tailored to each client.

What are the must-have topics for SEO audits?

Each website type has specific items which need to be addressed on for their particular SEO audit. For example, when dealing with e-commerce websites, issues such as handling multiple versions of a product, a product that can be reached via multiple categories expired or temporary out of stock products and facetted navigation are all items which are a must for that audit type. 

However, there are some topics which should be universally applicable for SEO audits, regardless of website or industry type:

  • Is Robots.txt present for search engine crawlers?
  • Has Javascript been implemented correctly? 
  • Performing Google Search Console audits
  • Carrying out website performance analysis
  • Hreflang setup
  • Investigating broken URL’s, crawl errors and orphan pages
  • Look into any page title or description duplication
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile vs desktop
  • Tracking implementation

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Improving SEO Audits with KW Digital

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