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New Client Win – Uberpet

We are pawsitively thrilled to report that Uberpet, have appointed KW Digital as their Digital Partner!

Who are Uberpet? 

Uberpet are a raw dog food company who believe your dog should get the nutrition they deserve to give them the best health possible. They provide prepared raw meals with all the essential ingredients for a healthy dog diet, including raw meat, vegetables, oils, seeds and nuts. Uberpet are passionate about giving your dog a diet that they can reap the benefits from and believe that a raw diet gives your dog the nutrients they need compared to traditional kibble. 

What are we doing for them? 

Here at KW we have taken on SEO and Paid advertising for Uberpet. We have come up with tailored strategies to improve results across all channels, along with website optimization ensuring both paid and SEO run smoothly together to compliment each other. 

As a new company they want to improve brand awareness and try and get the message out to as many people as possible. Raw feeding is a fairly new concept and only now are people realising that kibble and wet dog food are not the only options for your four legged friend. These are seen as the fast food of the dog food world and raw feeding with raw meat and fresh vegetables are what dogs really need, as this is what they would get in their natural habitats.

We’re delighted to be working with Uberpet and can’t wait to come up with some innovative and exciting ways to spread the word about raw feeding, along with the health benefits it can have for your dog!  

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