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Bürkert Type 8905 – Online Analysis System

Bürkert TYPE 8905

When selling high ticket, technical products through ecommerce, the use of 3D modelling can be really useful. This kind of content can help your customers visualise and understand the various parts and mechanisms that make your products stand out in the marketplace.

That’s exactly what we did for Bürkert, with their TYPE 8905 Online Analysis System. Using an existing CAD model (supplied by Bürkert), we lovingly created the rest of the geometry, added missing parts, added fasteners, hinges and tubes – all while using reference images to ensure we were sticking to the original product.

Line art of Bürkert 8905

After the model and all the polygons are behaving themselves and everything has been parented correctly, ready for animating, it’s time to move on the PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Materials.

PBR Materials work in a very similar way to real life materials – holding the specular highlights, retaining the correct colour under various lighting, showing textures and bumps where there should be etc. This in itself is a tough job, as we have to create these materials by hand and make sure they remain accurate to the product in question.

Materials of 8905

When all the materials are present and correct, it’s then time to move on to animations. For this project, we decided to keep the animations short, simple and quick. This would help us to get across the most important features of the TYPE 8905 Online Analysis System – the hot swap facilities and the easy access panels.

This also gave us the opportunity to create infographics, outlining all the main features of the system, to help the user better understand what the product entails.

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