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Google Launches New Image Search Preview Box

Google has launched a new design for the image search preview box. The box now shows the image in a larger frame, including more details about the image and related images. 

The new image function rolled out by Google sticks to the right-hand side of the page, allowing the searcher to easily look for other images while scrolling. 

Old design:

New design:

However, this is not the first time Google has made changes to Image Search. Back in 2018 Google removed the ‘View Image’ button and revealed in 2019 that it would introduce ‘shoppable ads’ to the image search service.

Users now have to access the website first before accessing the image. This change helps increase image traffic, while also preventing image piracy and copyright.

Optimisation and SEO can take advantage of the new feature through optimised image text, We can make images more accessible to the correct user, increasing your website traffic as a result. 

Why we love it: 

  • Opportunity to increase traffic through optimised images
  • More chance to grab the user through engaging creative
  • Cleaner navigation on the SERPs 
  • More opportunities to A/B test image optimisation!

Is video marketing becoming a top priority for marketers?

1,000 creative and digital marketing decision-makers were surveyed in August by Mondo. The report found 67% of marketers are anticipating video marketing as a priority over search engine marketing and voice search. 

What type of video marketing was the most popular?

According to the data, marketers are more willing to invest in Instagram stories (66%) and newsfeed videos (62%). Gifs (52%), cinemographs (31%), live streaming (28%) and IGTV (28%). 

While more devices with voice activations continue to enter the market, voice search is still not trusted. Despite this, Google SERPs say otherwise, with huge growth in placement information becoming a big driver. 

The potential investment numbers you need to know:

  • Instagram stories (66%) 
  • Newsfeed videos (62%)
  • Gifs (52%)
  • Cinemographs (31%)
  • Live streaming (28%)
  • IGTV (28%)

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