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Aligning with Facebook’s Algorithm Preferences

If your goal is to drive more organic traffic to your site via Facebook, then one of the difficulties you may face could be aligning with Facebook’s algorithm preferences!

Below shows a post example that demonstrates the type of content you should never post out on Facebook, as this will clash with Facebook’s algorithm and incur negative results.

Remove the Clickbait Post

Clickbait posts will clash with Facebook’s algorithm and incur negative results. This is because these types of posts only focus on receiving clicks and hold limited relevant content for the user. Facebook continuously strives to improve the user’s experience by helping people find the posts and links on their News Feed that are most interesting and relevant to them, while continuing to remove articles that people are reporting as spammy and they don’t want to see on their feed.

So, what qualifies as clickbait? These types of posts would contain misleading content and withhold information from the reader, in order to get a click through to their website.

Clickbait post example:

  • “British Bake Off contestant was reportedly removed from the tent this week following an outrageous outburst” – This post clearly withholds information – Who was it? Which contestant? What was the outburst?

This type of post would get a lot of clicks, resulting in the post appearing higher in the News Feed. The issue for Facebook is that this commonly leads the user to poor-quality content. To address this feedback received from the Facebook community, Facebook deemed that updating the News Feed to further reduce clickbait headlines appearing was extremely necessary.  

Reducing the amount of clickbait that appears in the News Feed was first measured by timing how long people spend on a site before clicking back to Facebook. The longer, the better!

The research continued and Facebook identified the common phases used in clickbait headlines that led to poor-quality content, warning users that “links posted from or shared from pages or domains that consistently post clickbait headlines will appear lower in News Feed”. To avoid a decline in reach for your posts, avoid clickbait articles/posts that hold no substance or value for the user. 

What to Post Instead

Avoid using sensational, exaggerated, or misleading language and don’t post headlines that withhold information needed to understand the content of the article.

Drive reach and referrals instead by sharing headlines that inform the user, use language that is clear and accurate with content that outlines the article. Relevant headlines that inform the user and manage the appropriate expectations of the article are the ones that resonate the most.

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