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The Latest 2019 Core Algorithm Update

Google’s algorithm is constantly on the move, with thousands of updates happening every year, averaging to multiple updates per day. These daily algorithm updates are normally very minor and have very little impact on ranking fluctuations.

Every year Google will make a few major updates: these updates tend to have a bigger consequence on world wide web traffic. These major updates are done to better understand website data and improve the search results for all Google users.

Below are the dates of all the 2019 confirmed major updates so far:

  • Diversity update | June 2019
  • Core update | June 2019
  • Indexing bugs | May 2019
  • Deindexing bug | April 2019
  • Core update | March 2019

What do we know about the latest June updates?

In June, Google decided to roll out two updates. These updates were rolled out over the same time frame, but they weren’t part of the same update. One of the updates was the core algorithm, the other was completely separate, focusing on SERP diversity.   

What changes did the site diversity update make?

In the past, niche keywords may have ranked a website more than twice in the SERPs. Listing a website more than twice for one keyword means the user wasn’t getting a diverse offering of search results, meaning that the user was getting the same website for their query over and over again. 

The update means that one single website is unable to rank for the same keyword more than twice. This update also included subdomains as part of the main domain. Although, it is worth noting that the update will not include country–specific domains.

What does the Google diversity update mean for SEO?

The obvious changes will be ranking multiple URLs for a single keyword will no longer be effective. If you already had multiple ranking URLs for a single keyword you may notice a drop in traffic, due to not having a greater share of the SERPs.

What did the core update change?

Usually, Google likes to keep everyone guessing, so it came as a shock when in an unnatural fashion, the core algorithm update in June was officially announced by Google.

The nature of the update prompted Google to officially announce it due to the large impact it was going to have on a large proportion of web traffic. The big algorithm update majorly affected large publishing sites, with the Daily Mail announcing a 50% drop in traffic on the day of the update.

The Latest 2019 Google Core Algorithm Update

The list below details the areas that were targeted by the algorithm update:

  • Content quality
  • Sub-domains
  • Long-form content
  • Creating new content
  • Backlinks.

It’s always important to understand algorithm updates and the exact days they happen as algorithm updates can sometimes be the reason for unexplainable traffic drops. Understanding the affected areas and the changes they have made can make a website stronger and ready for any future Google updates.

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