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LinkedIn Research Hub

LinkedIn advertising has changed how advertisers can gather insights and research, so what does that mean for us? 

As advertisers, we constantly look for ways to target the right people through our ads. LinkedIn advertising insights allow us to measure and maximise our marketing impact from every angle. The Insights and Research hub is divided into 3 categories; industry insights, people insights, and advertising insights each designed to include data around the specific areas. Insights include specific audiences and how to reach them, trends, and LinkedIn advertising best practices. Below we have a few points from our findings that KW feel are the most insightful. 

Advertising Insights 

Maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts on LinkedIn.

  • Explore how best to utilise your brand activity on LinkedIn. 
  • Learn how to measure what matters to best suit your business objectives. 
  • Align your sales and marketing departments to develop a joint approach on LinkedIn

Industry Insights 

Discover key insights, trends and research on the marketing landscape today.

  • Explore the latest industry trends and thought leadership from LinkedIn.
  • B2B marketing trends, including contrarian ideas to set your business apart from competitors

People Insights 

Understand audience behaviour on LinkedIn and how to best reach the people you care about.

  • Explore audience behaviour and how best to reach people.
  • Drive content to people who engage the most

Now you have all the facts to find the best way to reach your business and marketing goals through LinkedIn Advertising.

Find out more about LinkedIn Research Hub Here

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